5 Alternative app stores that you could try

If you are looking for an alternative app store, then there are several options you can explore. In case you are wondering as to why you would need an alternative app store, then there are several benefits to consider. Firstly, you can download the app without having to create an account as many of these app stores provide you with the app APK that you can download to your PC and then transfer it to your phone to install. In this case, you need not have Internet on your phone. Some of them will provide you with a link that you can use to download the APK of the app directly onto your phone.


On the other hand, if you have one of those Chinese devices that are not supported by the official app store, then these alternative app stores will come to your rescue. You will find all the popular apps here. Additionally, these app stores are also a good source of apps that are really good but are not listed on the official store. We have listed five such popular alternative app stores that you can rely on. 


Opera Mobile Store Opera App Store

You can download the APK of the app on your PC 



If you use Opera browser on your smartphone, then you will have noticed the Opera Mobile Store icon in the Speed Dial. This is the app store from Opera; it supports all the major platforms and can be accessed in over two hundred countries. It features both free and paid apps. On the homepage, you will find a ribbon on the top with tabs for platforms like Android, Windows Mobile, Java, Symbian, BlackBerry, iPhone and even HTML 5. Select the platform of your choice and you will see all the apps available for it. You can then filter these based on the categories. When you click on category, it will show you the available apps divided in two categories – Free and Paid. Once you click on an app you will find a summary as well as detailed app description, requirements and ratings. The biggest plus point of the Opera Mobile Store is the flexibility it provides when it comes to downloading the apps. You can access the app store directly from your phone and download the apps. Alternatively, you can browse the apps on your PC, download the APK for the app on your local drive and then transfer the same to your phone. 



One of the popular app stores that support multiple platforms



One of the most popular app stores around is GetJar. It features apps for Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and even iOS platforms. When you begin, you will have to select your phone model and the apps will be displayed accordingly. On the homepage, you will find top and the new apps. You can browse for other apps via categories like Games, Social, Productivity, Entertainment, Finance, Food, Tools, Maps, Travel and others. Each of these categories is further divided into sub-categories, which makes it easy to find an app. When you click on the app, you will find the information about the app and gauge its popularity based on the "likes/dislikes" and comments. You can also see the number of times the app has been downloaded. When you click on download, you will receive a code for the app. Next, you need to go to GetJar’s mobile site from your phone to complete the download. On the mobile site, you will find the "Quick Download" option at the bottom. Just click here and enter the code, and the APK file will be downloaded onto your phone. GetJar features all the popular apps that you will find on the official apps stores; additionally, it has a lot of apps that have been uploaded by developers themselves.


SlideME SlideME

It supports the Andoird OS and allows you to download the APK of the app on your PC



A popular alternative app store for the Android OS is SlideME, which features both free and paid apps. SlideME features a wide range of apps that are quite popular and can be found in the Play Store. Apart from this, the site also features apps uploaded by developers and that aren’t featured in the official store. On the homepage, you will find the apps listed as Latest, Popular and even Updated. To browse the apps, click on the "Applications" tab; here you will find the newest apps, which is the default setting. On the right you will find the filter options that allow you to sort the apps and arrange them according to price, popularity, rating etc. Underneath the "Sort" option, you will find the categories of apps. When you click on the app, apart from the app description, you will find other useful information like rating, presence of ads, in app billing etc. Moreover, it also provides other relevant details like whether the app requires Google Play account, Android version, the required permissions, features and even whether the device needs to be rooted. There are two ways you can download the app. One is to click on download and save the APK file, which you can later transfer to your mobile. The second way is to scan the QR code, go to the directed site and download the app directly to your mobile. You can even select the folder where you wish to save the file. Alternatively, you can also download the SAM app on your phone to browse and install apps directly on your phone.  


Nexva Nexva

Scan the QR code to download the app directly to your phone



Another multi-OS app store you can check is Nexva, which features apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, Symbian, Java, amongst others. It features both paid and free apps. On the homepage, you will find the apps organised according to the categories. The categories include Tools & Productivity, Business, Travel, Music, Themes, Lifestyle, Books, News, Social Networking, amongst others. Each of these categories is further divided into sub-categories. When you click on the app, you will find a short description about the app, rating, reviews and a list of compatible devices (in case you haven’t set your device). When you click on download, you will see three options; one option will email you the link from where you can download the app, while the second option will provide you with a link that you can use to download the app on your phone. Finally, the most convenient and the easiest way is to scan the QR code with the help of which you can download the APK of the app to your phone. Overall, the store has a good selection of apps. 


Handango Handango

Handango supports multiple platforms 



The Handango app store is another popular alternative app stores. It supports Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, Symbian and Palm platforms. You have the option to browse through the apps by devices or by their platform. On the left, you will see the list of apps available for the device or the platform, divided into four categories – Featured, Free, New and Updated. Clicking on an app will provide you with an overview of the app along with the rating, tech specs, reviews and also compatibility with devices. When it comes to downloading the app, there are two ways to go about it. You can either opt to provide an email address that can be accessed from your phone – a link will be sent to this address and you can download your app. Alternatively, you can download the app APK on your PC and then transfer to install it on your phone. However, the option to download the APK isn’t available for all apps.  


Other than the ones mentioned above, there are several other alternative app stores you can check, namely, PandaApp, Yandex and InsydeMarket, to name a few. Also, according to recent reports, in the coming months we will also have access to the Amazon app store, which is one of the largest independent app stores online. Amazon is planning to expand its app store in several countries and India is on their agenda.


Disclaimer: We do not recommend any of the app stores mentioned herein. When downloading the apps from these stores, do so at your sole discretion.   


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Published Date: Apr 18, 2013 05:13 pm | Updated Date: Apr 18, 2013 05:13 pm