3D TVs Adoption to be Sluggish

While the world is moving ahead at full speed with HDTVs, the upcoming 3D phenomenon is likely to be sluggish, according to research firm, Telecom and Media. A study based in the UK has stated that less than 50 per cent of users with 3D TV sets would actively watch 3D content around 2016. Service providers such as Sky, Virgin and BBC in the UK have shown interest in 3D and are promising to broadcast 3D channels to their customers.

3D will be a standard feature, not a novelty

3D will be a standard feature, not a novelty



However, the interest by consumers isn’t as expected. The lack of 3D content and insufficient promotions by TV manufacturers and their partners has been the reason for this slacking interest. All popular TV manufacturers have chosen to market 3D as an additional feature and not as the primary selling point for these TVs. In the future, this should result in many TVs being sold with 3D support by default, but also with other unique features such as Smart TV and internet capabilities. The analyst, Adam Thomas states that 3D is not the immediate successor to the HDTV technology and it isn’t as big a jump as it was from black and white to colour televisions or from standard definition to high-definition. Here in India, HDTVs have only just started picking up and 3D is still a novelty. Popularity and easy availability of 3D content will only happen once HD becomes mainstream.


Source: Informa Telecoms and Media

Published Date: Jun 21, 2011 10:33 am | Updated Date: Jun 21, 2011 10:33 am