3 gifts for the Bachchan baby

The most anticipated baby of Bollywood has finally been born and as she is no ordinary child, so she should not have just ordinary tech. Here are three completely made up gadgets that we think are essential for Baby Bachchan.


Baby’s First Di-Pad

This diaper might have the right idea

This diaper might have the right idea. Image courtesy: Happy Domestic


In case you’re wondering, we’re not referring to a tablet here - the Di-Pad is the diaper of the future and something we’re sure this lovely little infant and the scores of doctors and care-givers associated with her would benefit from immensely. The Di-Pad is a digital diaper that can communicate with its corresponding smartphone app providing all kinds of information. First off it could be set to send out a message alerting the caregiver that she needs a change. Sensors inside the diaper lining would also be able gather, analyze and send reports of the "surprise" in the Di-Pad to her doctors for monitoring purposes. A thin (waterproof, of course) band on the rim of the diaper would also provide read outs just in case caregivers don’t have their handsets on them. All in all it’s a neat little product that we’re sure the Bachchan clan, or any other who would able to afford it, would appreciate in terms of baby care.

Teched Out Robo-Nanny

Bachchan baby needs to bring the future now

Bachchan baby needs to bring the future now


We've also seen Rosie from The Jetsons and know the multiple functionalities that lie within her abdomen. She can serve you food, clean a mess, burp you and put you to bed. Our only question is, why isn't she here yet? Bachchan baby deserves a robo-nanny that not only takes care of her but also films her 24 hours a day. The footage will be embedded with GPS information and will be stored in the cloud. On Baby Bachchan's 18th birthday, she will receive 21,239 terabytes of high definition, 3D footage which she can either keep for herself or go the business route, sell the footage and earn her own her first big chunk of change.

3D projector Baby Mobile

This mobile needs a little more awesome and then it'll be perfect

This mobile needs a little more awesome and then it'll be perfect


The Bachchan baby is born into a pretty damn illustrious family. The downside of that is her parents might constantly be working. And she may forget what they look like. A 3D projection of her parents from her own crib will help. Regular babies have regular mobiles. And since Bachchan baby is no regular baby, hers will be awesome. It will also project footage that will help her future career like acting lessons, dance lessons and so on. So that the skills are embedded in her and she will be nothing but natural when she shoots her first film.

These three gifts are only fair for the Suri Cruise of Bollywood. On that note, we'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Bachchans on the occassion and hope that mother and baby are healthy and happy.

Published Date: Nov 16, 2011 05:23 pm | Updated Date: Nov 16, 2011 05:23 pm