10 Ultra luxury gadgets

Diamond encrusted headphones, iPad with dinosaur bone, titanium phone, a laptop sleeve with fur from Siberian sable, gaming console crafted in gold and a gemstone encrusted TV. No, this isn’t a list of gadgets owned by Lady Gaga, but rather just a few of the ultra luxe tech gadgets that you can own, if you have that kind of money to burn. And we mean some serious money. The kind that will allow you to buy a laptop sleeve that is more expensive than the laptop itself, or for that matter, the car you own. We have featured here some products that are eye-candy (or an eye-sore), perform well and, of course, will cost you more than an arm and a leg. And if you fancy any of the products mentioned below, then with Christmas just around the corner, you may want to try your luck with Santa.    

iPad 2 Gold History EditionTech meets history and luxury

Tech meets history and luxury


Stuart Hughes is known for transforming pieces of pure tech into shimmering, luxurious gadgets decked in precious stones, but it has set a bar of exclusivity with the History Edition of idevices. The iPad 2 Gold History Edition comes embedded with diamonds, gems, gold, dino bones and more. The 24K gold Apple logo embedded on the rear side of the iPad 2 has 12.5 carats of flawless diamonds, 53 of them encrusted to form the signatory Apple. It's the front side of the iPad 2 that shows true exclusivity and uniqueness as it is built of the oldest existing rock, Ammolite. The Gold History Edition will dig a really deep hole in your pockets with a price tag that reads £5,000,000 (approx Rs. 39,29,36,449).

Diamond encrusted headphonesbeats

Lil Wayne too owns one of them...


If you love bling, then these diamond encrusted Beats By Dre headphones will help you make a flashy statement. These diamond encrusted headphones became the talk of the town when they made their appearance at the Super Bowl 2012 as Sky Blu from LMFAO wore them during his performance with Madonna at halftime. The headphones were created using 114 carats of Graff diamonds and reportedly cost a whopping $1 million dollars. Later, American rapper Lil Wayne was also spotted wearing them at an event. A mind boggling sum, it should be enough to buy you a  villa, a car and even save some money for the rainy day. Or would you rather buy the headphones that are bound to turn every head in town?

Vertu Constellation smartphoneVertu at what it does best

Vertu at what it does best


Vertu is known for its flamboyant phone designs and the Vertu Constellation smartphone takes it a step further. The phone looks stunning with a red gold exterior, and there’s even a layer of sapphire crystal to protect the 3.5-inch high-definition screen. It is a complete touchscreen with a  Swype keyboard and 8 megapixel camera. It comes with a high-end 24/7 Concierge Live application that helps get secure exclusive access to clubs, arrange travel trips, order expensive wine and also get in touch with a security specialist. The only hiccup is that the phone runs on the Symbian OS. You can pick the device in vivid colours like raspberry and tangerine, to name a few. If you have $38,800 (approximately Rs.7,60,834) to burn, then this piece of tech luxury is a must-have.

Diamond laptop sleeveShimmering sleeve

It can't get more luxe than this


How much will you be willing to spend on a laptop sleeve? Naturally, not more than the cost of the laptop itself, right? But if you were to buy this laptop sleeve from Dutch company Cover Bee, then it will set you back by an astonishing $11,000,000. We dread to do the maths, but that will be approximately Rs. 6,061,66,420. That’s right; enough money to buy that sea-facing house. What’s so special about the laptop sleeve? Well, it is made of no less than 8,800 diamonds. And to protect your laptop from scratches (made by these diamonds), the opening of this sleeve is covered with the fur of the rare black sable from Siberia. If you want one of these, then you will have to contact the company directly, as it’s made to order.   

D&W Aural Pleasure

aural pleasure

Sound of pure gold


For the audiophiles out there with loads of cash to spare, the D&W Aural Pleasure speakers from Hart Audio are just ideal. You can pick a set in bronze, silver or 18K Gold. Inspired by the bell of the Big Ben tower, each of these hand finished cabinets weigh 50 kg and feature bespoke, height adjustable chrome stands. They provide a sensitivity range of 97db 1w@1mtr, impedance of 5 Ohms and a frequency range of 47Hz-37Khz. While those cast in bronze will set you back by £40,000 (Rs. 34,97,689), the silver ones will cost you £200,000 (Rs. 1,74,93,265) and the gold edition will cost you a whopping £3,000,000 (Rs. 26,24,26,670). While there are 99 pieces in bronze, there are about five available in silver and just one in gold.

Magic Mushrooms flash driveMagical mushrooms store 32Gb of data

Magical mushrooms store 32GB of data


A flash drive couldn't be more attractive. This elegant and intricately designed luxury flash drive is a part of  Swiss jeweller La Maison Shawish’s line-up of USB-flash drives, Magic Mushrooms. As you see, the the drive is shaped in the form of a mushroom that is encrusted with precious stones. The spacious 32GB flash drive is available at a price ranging from $16,500 to $36,900 (Rs. 9,09,798 to 20,34,639), depending upon the number and type of precious stones it is embedded with. You will find a full range of mushrooms, decked in various stones like rubies, emeralds, diamonds and sapphires.

Gaming console crafted in goldwii

Gaming in style


All you gamers out there, you can now bling it up thanks to Stuart Hughes. Game in style on the Sony PlayStation 3 Supreme and the Nintendo Wii Supreme crafted in gold. Both these gaming concoles are crafted using solid 22ct gold and not to mention months of workmanship. The PS3 features 1.6 kg of gold and over fifty 0.50 ct flawless diamonds surrounding the disc loading entrance. On the other hand, the Nintendo Wii Supreme is cast with over 2.5 kg of gold with over seventy 0.25 ct flawless diamonds adorning the buttons in the front. Both of these consoles are truly limited edition, with only three pieces of each to be made. While the PS3 will set you back by £199,995 (Rs. 1,74,89,001), the Nintendo Wii will cost you £299,995 (Rs. 2,62,33,951).

Titanium phoneregal

Beyond the bling

If you don’t care much for the diamonds, but would rather rely on solidity of titanium, then the Regal Titanium Phone Gresso is just tailor made for you. This classy phone with an understated elegance is capable of withstanding abuse of the worst kind. It wouldn’t cause so much as a dent on its solid case, which is crafted as a one-piece detail made of titanium. The front and back panels feature tempered mineral glass that gives it a rich glass finish. It runs on Symbian S40, features a 2MP camera, 30MB of internal storage that can be expanded via microSD and offers Bluetooth connectivity. Available in limited quantities, you can lay your hands on one by coughing up around $4,500 (Rs. 2,48,287).  

PrestigeHD Supreme Rose TVBlinged entertainment

Blinged entertainment


The next in our list is the stunning, sparkling 55-inch HDTV dubbed PrestigeHD Supreme Rose. This television set has its base and outer frame crafted out of a 28 kg of solid 18K rose gold. The outer frame flaunts 72 brilliant round cut 1ct IF flawless diamonds along with a mix of sunstone and amethyst. The inner frame has hand-sewn alligator skin. It's going to be a limited edition TV, with only three units to be sold. Each TV comes with a hefty price tag, which is a whopping $2.27 million. If 28 kg is too heavy, then the other option is the PrestigeHD Supreme that is made of 19 kg of gold and features 48 diamonds; it carries a price tag of $1.5 million.

Hard disk drive made of sapphirehard drive

One for the geeks


Worried about losing your data? Well, if you have enough of dough, then you can buy yourself a hard disk that will keep your data safe for several thousand years! Developed by a team of scientists from French nuclear waste management agency ANDRA, the drive is made using industrial-quality sapphire, while the data is engraved using platinum. Designed to survive one million years, it’s bound to keep your data safe. Made out of two thin disks of sapphire, each single disk can store about 40,000 pages. With the prototype disk costing around $30,000 (Rs. 16,54,949), it’s certainly enough to burn a hole in your pocket.


While these ultra luxe gadgets will cost you much more than an arm and a leg, they are still a delight to look at. Which one of these luxury gadgets would you love to own?

Published Date: Nov 17, 2012 09:46 am | Updated Date: Nov 17, 2012 09:46 am