10 types of selfies Bollywood actors take

A lot of things come to mind when we think of Bollywood. The glamour, fame, choreographed dance sequences, beautiful people, and their stunning selfies. Selfie has taken the world by storm and Bollywood’s selfie game seems to be on fleek. As a matter of fact, you can categories their selfies into several groups. With the introduction of cutting edge selfie smartphones like the selfie expert OPPO F1s, the selfie game has certainly become quite strong. So, let’s take a look at the selfie preferences of our beloved Bollywood actors.

The pout Selfie

Pout selfie

Pout or the duck face selfie is the most popular type selfie among women all around the world and Bollywood actresses have certainly taken affection to pouting before of their phones. Kareena pouting in her selfie looks absolutely flawless.

The vacation selfie

vacation selfie

Bollywood actors are some of the busiest people you will ever come across. Movie shoots, promotions, endorsements, appearances and the list goes on. But when they have some downtime they definitely make the most of it and post amazing vacation selfies like Ranveer having a great time in Paris will make anyone jealous.

The food selfie

 Food selfie

Bollywood actors might be crazy fit, but they do love a good meal! You can find your favourite actors digging into their favourite foods in delicious food selfies. However, Sonakshi looks a little sad in her selfie. We wonder if someone took a bite out of her Nutella.

The mirror selfie

 Gym selfie

Mirror selfies are one of the most popular selfies taken by Bollywood stars. These selfies are great to show off their new look or mood. Shahid seems determined in his post workout selfie.

The pet selfie

 The pet selfie

A cute puppy and your favourite Bollywood star in the same selfie – what’s not to like about it! Hrithik seems happy to play a pillow for his Golden Retriever.

The squad selfie

 Squad selfie

Bollywood is full of best buddies and selfies like these gives us serious squad goals! Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor, Sajid Khan and Riteish Deshmukh seem to be out to paint the town red.

Behind the scenes selfie

look of the day selfie

Can’t wait for your favourite Bollywood actor’s film to come out? In that case, you can at least get a sneak-peek of their latest movies with their behind the scenes selfie. Sonakshi is killing it with her Desi avatar and shades

Six pack selfie

Six pack selfie

Need some motivation to work out? Just look at these amazing six pack selfies by Bollywood actors. When you got it then might as well flaunt it like Shahid.

Lazy Sunday selfie

 Lazy Sunday selfie

Sunday’s are for chilling out, and Bollywood actors certainly know how to lay back and relax judging by Shraddha’s not so apparent nap time selfie.

Getting ready selfie

 Getting ready selfie

Bollywood actresses are some of the most stunning women you will ever see, but how do they look so great? The answer lies in these getting ready selfies. Nargis with her face pack on still looks absolutely amazing.


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Published Date: Jan 23, 2017 11:23 am | Updated Date: Jan 23, 2017 11:23 am