10 Reasons Why Red Dead Redemption Will Rock

I loved GTA IV to death and I’m not shy about that fact even though it was a pretty monotonous game. Since then Rockstar has come out with two DLC packs, both of which improved upon gameplay tremendously.

Now with the GTA series behind them (temporarily of course) they’re concentrating all their resources towards Red Dead Redemption, their latest open world game set in the Wild West.

When the game was announced I wasn’t too kicked about it since I really didn’t like the first one all that much but today after seeing the game’s video on Game Trailers I was blown the f**k away.

In that video’s honor I present to you 10 reasons why this game is gonna rock your socks off:

1] It looks awesome
Everything about the game looked terribly impressive be it draw distance, weather effects (loved the lightning), character models and architecture.

2] Better Physics
In GTA IV whenever I shot or bumped against a character they behaved extremely drunk. From the video it didn’t seem to be the case in this game and I laughed my ass off at Marsden dragging some poor sod with a rope attached to his horse.

3] Varied Gameplay
It seems Rockstar (like Ubisoft) listened patiently to all the criticism levied against GTA IV and have added in a good amount of diversity to gameplay (like Assassin’s Creed 2). There was even a notoriety system of sorts in there and it seems we’ll be able to play as either a nice guy or a total badass adding to the game’s replayabilty.

4] Refined Combat
Both the cover system and combat mechanics looked refined and smoother than GTA IV’s that did feel a bit clunky at times. Didn’t see any hand to hand action here but I’m hoping they improve on that aspect as well.

5] Horses are cooler than cars

6] Strong story backed by a strong cast of voice actors

7] Better customization options than GTA IV

8] The ability to hunt wolves, bears and other wild life (cos real men hunt their own food)

9] 3 Massive cities to play around in amounting to hours of gameplay

10] Duels

Gloves (oh come on now. I had to)

The Bad News? You have to wait all the way till April 2010 (the 27th to be precise) for a go at the game. Oh and there's no word of a PC version right now.

Published Date: Dec 16, 2009 05:00 pm | Updated Date: Dec 16, 2009 05:00 pm