10 PS4 design concepts

Recently, Sony had its PlayStation fanboys in a tizzy when it released a video asking fans to get ready for the "future of PlayStation". With an event slated for February 20, speculations are rife that the company will be unveiling its next-gen console – the PlayStation 4. According to reports, Sony is experimenting heavily with the design for PS4, which is rumoured to have a touchscreen and will emulate the same user interface philosophies as the PS Vita.


While there are no official images of the PS4 that have made their way online, what we have are some very interesting as well as some obscure design concepts—all of which seem to have been designed by bored 12-year-olds with Photoshop. We have listed ten such concepts that caught our attention.


The most plausible of the lot is unsurprisingly the most boring as well. Look at the bright side—if this were the real McCoy, it still would be better than the hernia-inducing first-gen PS3.

Joseph Dumary designer

Designer: Joseph Dumary



The bored 12-year-old with access to Photoshop who came up with this was clearly a Nintendo fanboy. The tell-tale two-tone finish is reminiscent of the trademark Nintendo console design theme running back to the glory days of the SNES.


Reminds you of Nintendo? Image credit



This artist's impression is an oblique reference to what may come to pass. The statement made here is that the next PlayStation just might prove to be Sony's tombstone.

is this for real?

Is this for real? Image credit



Well, that's taking things a bit too literally.

four in one

Four-in-one Image credit



Just don't ask how it works. We're not even sure how one would go about holding it; if at all.


Scrolls? Image credit



If you get frustrated at the fact that the controller doesn't have any analogue sticks, just don't throw it. There's a very good chance that it will come back and hit you in the face.

sex toy?

Boomerang. Image credit



The PS4, as it would appear if it were to collide with the Ugly Expresss and get run over by every single wheel.

Niklas Heller designer

Designer: Niklas Heller Image credit



This concept takes a leaf out of Nintendo Wii U's display-equipped controller design. However, three displays is taking the idea to ridiculous levels even for a concept. Then again, this bored 12-year-old with Photoshop seems more lazy than inspired. I mean, the rest of the controller looks exactly like a DualShock 3.


Is this how the control will look? Image credit



Finally a PlayStation that allows you to burn discs. Not surprisingly, a quick reverse image search reveals that this concept actually started life as a commercial toaster. Well, so much for relevance.


Toasted. Image credit




We have only have one question for the bored 12-year-old who came up with this. Why?

Tai Chiem designer

Designer: Tai Chiem




If there's one thing you can absolutely be sure of, it's the fact that the upcoming PlayStation will not resemble any of these creations envisioned by bored 12-year-olds armed with Photoshop. That's because PlayStations are usually designed by bored 50-year-olds with CAD.

Published Date: Feb 05, 2013 19:07 PM | Updated Date: Feb 05, 2013 19:07 PM