10 must have Free Android Apps

Who would have imagined that mere applications running on mobile devices could become an essential part of our lives. Seemingly, these days there's an app for everything. The Android Market is vast and taking advantage of these applications could boost productivity at work, manage daily errands and even help bide away those boring moments while commuting. If you're on a tight budget and who wouldn't be being this close to Christmas, then there are several freebie apps available, which could suffice your needs. We’ve put together some must have free Android apps for your perusal, take a look.


Angry Birds

Anger management is definitely not on the cards for these birds. This challenging physics-based game can keep you engaged and glued to the screen for hours. We really don’t need to talk about how popular the game has emerged to be, compelling players to blend skill, logic and accurate force for that perfect shot. This game has also been updated with intriguing levels and themes. Unlike its iOS counterparts, the Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons, which have upped the gaming experience further can also be downloaded for free off the App Market.

no scope for anger management

No scope for anger management




Words with Friends
Words with Friends is an addictive, crossword game which could instantly remind you of the good old Scrabble. The game involves word building, triple score seeking and the player can chat with friends even while playing through the built-in chat section. Needless to say, it’s a turn-based game that could help build your vocabulary.


Google Docs
Google Docs app for Android can be like a sigh of relief for many. Be it creating, editing, uploading or sharing documents, Google Docs eases all of it. This must-have productivity app lets users upload files and convert them into Google documents. Go ahead and click a photo of printed text to convert it into a Google document, share it with others online and even access it from you PC anytime anyplace.

Keeping a track of daily errands is often tedious. This app has reminders, lists, allows syncing and also comes with a widget.  It enables task sharing and optional instant notifications can be used to keep you updated with this app. You can share lists by syncing them with the Astrid website. They can also be synced with Google tasks and the app also features custom filters.




Dropbox holds all your docs, photos and videos in one place which can be accessed through various platforms like your computer or Android smartphone. This free app ensures that your data is a click away, even while you are travelling or sitting in the comfort of a couch. The content can be effortlessly shared with family and friends. The app also allows editing documents stored in your Dropbox account.



LightBox was introduced to fill in the space for Instagram. This app has proved to be quite effective to shoot, enhance and share photos. It comes with several effects that can be added to photos for a better and fun-filled experience. Besides editing photos, the app makes it quite effortless to share them with social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more.

Play with photo effects

Play with photo effects




With the popularity of Siri, one just can’t miss on a voice-enabled app. Vlingo, is an Android app that attempts to simplify your tasks with voice commands. It follows your instructions to the tee. You can simply speak out a text message or email, search for content on the web, update social networks and much more. 

say it..out loud

Say it...out loud

Where’s My Droid

You’ve placed your phone somewhere in the room, but can’t remember where, you use another phone and try calling but realize that the ringer of your phone is off. Does this scenario sound familiar? Our phones have turned into a closet to store all our critical data and here’s when ‘Where’s My Droid’ comes into the picture. Although there’s a Pro version, the free one is good enough - it helps you find the phone by enabling the ringer and vibration function lets you search via the handset's GPS location and even notifies you in case the SIM card or phone number is changed.




This solid video player ensures that you don’t have to spend time converting movie files. It supports almost all video formats. The interface is neat and also adheres to popular subtitle formats. Videos can be streamed via HTTP, RSTP protocols. The player enables users to create video library and even sort videos by type.

Tune in

Tune in



MixZing is one of the advanced media players that identifies songs, even without valid tags and cleans up the tags and album art. Capable of displaying lyrics for millions of songs, it also features a mood player, which creates custom listening sessions. It equips a graphics equalizer for MP3, AAC/M4A and OGG files. The palyer helps you discover new music, automatically saves playlists and even restores the deleted ones.


The Android Market is inundated with such free apps, and lots more like IMO Instant Messenger social hub, Teamviewer that gives access to your computer, even while away from the desk. For a tabbed and smooth browsing, Android Market offers SkyFire and Google Goggles can be used for augmented reality. There are tons of others, which ones form your favourite list? 

Published Date: Nov 29, 2011 12:28 pm | Updated Date: Nov 29, 2011 12:28 pm