10 Must Buy iPhone Games

This little device can handle an awesome variety of games, including shooters, platformers, puzzle games and strategy titles. Here’s our pick of the best ones available in the iTunes store today.


One of the best tower defense games out there, Fieldrunners will keep you occupied for hours on end. You have to prevent swarms upon swarms of enemy units from breaching your defenses and crossing an empty field, by strategically constructing the most powerful gun turrets you can afford at any point. What starts out easy quickly becomes a mad struggle! The graphics are cartoony and engaging, but there haven't been any new maps in a while.

Flight Control

Use your fingers to draw flight paths for confused airplanes and guide them to a suitable landing strip. It sounds simple enough until your screen fills up with a dozen or more planes, all at different speeds and all seemingly bent on crashing into each other. You have a variety of aircraft to manage and a choice of exotic locales, including a military themed one with a nasty twist!

Plants vs Zombies

Tower defense games work really well on the iPhone screen, and this one is no exception. You have to defend yourself against invading zombies using some not-so-ordinary houseplants, making sure no entry point is left unguarded. Plants either attack or defend, and zombies move only in straight lines (until you have to deal with the rooftop and swimming pool, that is). It's great fun to play, since the whole game is a comic send-up of the zombie movie and game genre.

Zen Bound Lite

This one's less of a game and more of a relaxing digital craft activity. Still, you have to compete against yourself to do the best possible job of wrapping lengths of rope around oddly-shaped rotating 3D objects. You get points based on how much surface area you cover, which can actually be quite tricky. The graphics and sound are equally lush, and are designed to relax and soothe you as you exercise your spatial skills. While the Lite version is free, a paid version adds many more levels.


Try to imagine your classic match-four-in-a-row games with no respect for gravity. You rotate your iPhone around while triangular "trisms" slide around. Match colors to clear Trisms, and line up complicated combos for spectacular high scores. There are a few different gameplay modes to check out, including some neat challenges. This is one of the bestselling iPhone games of all time, and uses the accelerometer to great effect.
Doodle Jump

This game’s tagline screams “Be warned: insanely addictive!” which pretty much sums up everything you need to know about it. Doodle Jump doesn’t bother with fancy graphics, and the resulting school- child’s-scribble look is part of what makes it so endearing. Guide your Doodle upwards through this vertical scrolling platformer, collect bonuses, and shoot the bad guys.

Labyrinth 2

Labyrinth was one of the first iPhone games, and it felt so real with the device’s screen and accelerometer that people’s jaws hit the floor the first time they tried it. Now, the simple maze concept has expanded to include guns, bumpers, magnets, lasers, roundabouts and more pinball-inspired elements. You still have to guide your ball to its destination, but it’s a whole lot more fun!

Duke Nukem 3D

Fifteen years ago, this game was cutting edge for hulking desktop PCs. Today, the exact same graphics can run on your phone! Controls are a bit awkward because of the touchscreen, but Duke’s campy weapons, misogyny, one-liners and enduring hatred of aliens are exactly the same as always.

Slingshot Cowboy Plus

What could be more fun than throwing rocks at defenseless animals? How about grenades, missiles and lasers! Tilt your phone to adjust your aim, and try to hit as many cows as you can before time runs out. It’s a bit pricey, but the fun is endless. If you ever do get bored, there’s also Slingshot Safari, in which the animals fight back.


Anyone who’s enjoyed this iconic title on their computer will love it on their iPhone. You get all the tools of SimCity 2000, including all types of buildings, zones, advisers and even the disasters. Challenge yourself through a bunch of scenarios or just build freely and respond to your citizens’ concerns. Building a city is quite thrilling, especially on a little phone!

Published Date: May 05, 2010 11:15 am | Updated Date: May 05, 2010 11:15 am