10 Kickass console style games for the new iPad

Who says you can only play games on consoles or PCs? The new iPad's incredible screen and powerful hardware will have you hooked. Some of the biggest gaming franchises are already available in the App Store, and there are quite a few exclusive action game titles to enjoy on the tablet. Here are some that have successfully made the transition form the console to the tablet. 


Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Shadow Vanguard HD - $6.99 (Rs. 389)

Rainbow Unit is on the trail of a global terrorist organisation that threatens the world's security and stability. You and your band of elite spies must break into enemy compounds, rescue hostages and utilise each unit member's special skills to complete each of the 11 missions. At your disposal are high-tech weapons and gadgets such as snake cameras that can peer around corners. Order your unit members and direct their actions in real-time. The events of the game unfold much like they do in the original Rainbow 6 novel, but the focus here is on strategy more than flat-out first-person-shooter action.

Focus here is on strategy

Focus here is on strategy



Resident Evil 4: Platinum   $6.99 (Rs. 389)

You play as Leon S. Kennedy, ex-cop and now US agent, and take on the mission to rescue the President’s daughter. While traipsing through an obscure European village, you’ll encounter all kinds of infected, flesh craving human-zombie killers who have pledged their lives to the people responsible for the girls kidnapping. With features that use the tablet’s accelerometer (shake to reload), laser sights for headshots and a choice of weapons, the game provides great graphics with dark hues and smooth game play.


COD: Black Ops Zombies   $6.99 (Rs. 389)

Survive as long as you can with wave after wave of undead enemies coming for your blood. You'll pick up assorted weapons and powerups along the way, but you'll still have a tough time fighting off all the zombies. It's a pretty simple bloodbath scenario, although aiming quickly and accurately is a little difficult with the on-screen controls. You'll get points for each kill, which you can then spend on upgraded weapons that can be found scattered around the levels. There's a four-person multiplayer mode so you can team up with friends too. Killing zombies always makes for a fun time, and this game delivers.

Four-person multiplayer mode

Four-person multiplayer mode




Dead Space – $0.99 (Rs. 55)

This version of the horror sci-fi third person shooter is an original story that’s been designed specifically for iOS. Although following the traditional game play styling from the console versions of Dead Space, the game proves to be just as scary with it’s low lit corridors and trans-mutated humans chasing you down to slice you to bits. Arsenal still includes weapons from the original console editions, so handling is quite easy once you get used to the controls. The on Screen HUD is also quite engaging when required. The game also offers a couple of play modes that allow you to give dismemberment of appendages a new meaning.


Batman: Arkham City Lockdown   $5.99 (Rs. 333)

The inmates of Arkham Asylum have escaped and Batman must track them all down. You'll come face to face with The Joker, Two-Face and all their henchmen in a series of battles that play out across Gotham City. You get to upgrade your power, armour and there are plenty of bat-gadgets to help you battle the baddies. You can also choose a Batman costume from several of the past series and movies. Gameplay is fast-paced and you'll need a fair bit of practice to master combat techniques in the beginning. Finally, there's a comic reader with three free stories and hints of future content featuring Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. 

Fast-paced fight scenes and great costume options to unlock

Fast-paced fight scenes and great costume options to unlock



Marvel vs Capcom   $4.99 (Rs. 277.5)

The iconic fighting game has been ported to the iPad to give Apple tablet users the taste of high octane action and one-on-one arcade style combat. Marvel vs Capcom is designed to be a game that both comic book fans and gamers can kick back and enjoy. It brings a slightly old school like visual energy to the tablet and offers players a very console like experience with a great graphics and action packed fighting moves. Play as any member from the X-Men, Iron man or even the Incredible Hulk and take on the likes of Street Fighter characters like Ryu and Chun Li. 


Mass Effect Infiltrator – $4.99 (Rs. 277.5)

Experiments on alien creatures are going horribly wrong and it's up to you to shut down the secret Cerebrus research facility. This game isn't a port of the popular Mass Effect storylines, but you can integrate with Mass Effect 3 and influence your Galactic Readiness Rating. You'll be guided through a number of encounters with the enemy and there's a handy tutorial at the beginning, but there are none of the elaborate roleplaying game elements that defined the original franchise. You still have biotic powers though, and you can upgrade these when you earn points at each checkpoint based on your performance. 

Handy tutorial in case you're a first timer

Handy tutorial in case you're a first timer




Prince of Persia: Warrior within HD – $4.99 (Rs. 277.5)

Prince of Persia has been a game classic and if you’re a fan, this game will make sure you enjoy every minute of game play on the tablet. Just like the console and other versions, you’ll play the protagonist price who is being hunted down by the Empress of Time. Executing wall runs, jumps from pillars to posts and battling demons is your mission, and you have no choice but to accept it and fight the evil forces of the queen. With a choice of weapons and plenty of enemies to use them on, you can traverse through a variety of environments on the mysterious island in a very console styled game that’s sure to keep you gripped to your iPad. 


GTA: Chinatown Wars HD   $9.99 (Rs. 556)

You're a stranger in America, robbed of the family heirloom you were carrying and left to drown off the coast of Liberty City. You'll have to negotiate the tough criminal underworld and complete a variety of missions in order to restore your family's honor. In the process, you'll wind up stealing hundreds of cars, dealing drugs, crashing all over the place, blowing things up, getting into gang wars, dodging the police and thoroughly enjoying the thrill of it all. The controls are a little finicky while driving, but you get used to them eventually.  

Controls will take a little getting used to

Controls will take a little getting used to



Mirror’s Edge   $6.99 (Rs. 389)

Mirror's Edge has a distinctive style and atmosphere, and makes beautiful use of the iPad's touchscreen interface. You're a rebel Runner, undermining a corrupt authoritarian regime which is determined to exterminate you and your friends. Swipe around the screen to jump, dodge, climb and swing around, turning obstacles into mere props. The side-scrolling visuals are crisp and stark, with no distracting controls or indicators on screen at all. The key is to stay moving and build as much momentum as possible, even when under attack. The iPad version introduces a split-screen two-player challenge mode as well.


That's our list. Feel free to list out any more titles in our comments section below. Let us know which of these are your favourites. 

Published Date: Aug 30, 2012 08:12 pm | Updated Date: Aug 30, 2012 08:12 pm