Is Facebook getting scared of Google plus?

Facebook is upgrading again and this time the move is aimed at brands. According to this exclusive report from TechCrunch,Josh Constine writes that,

"Facebook’s analytics tool Insights will soon begin showing Page performance data in real-time or near real-time rather than on average 48 hour delay. While businesses can't edit previously published posts like on Google+, there are many new tactics real-time reporting will allow. If a Page’s admin see that their latest post is causing lots of users to Unlike their Page, they could delete it before it does more harm."

It's clear that Facebook is trying to give brand-page admins more control and greater visibility of how effective their campaigns are on Facebook with instant updates. These new insights will allow admins to see exactly what is working on their brand page, thus ensuring that they don't have to wait for three to four days to see the reach of a link or campaign that was shared. Increased efficiency and faster data regarding their brands is likely to make brands take their Facebook page a wee bit more seriously.

And though it might appear that Facebook is the king of all social media, but according to some reports online, Facebook's revenue's don't look too good. Readwritewebrecently wrote about how ad revenues could slow down for Facebook, in the next two years. The report states,

"eMarketer released a report predicting Facebook's advertising revenue growth will slow in 2013 and 2014. That follows reports earlier this week about retailers shutting down Facebook stores."

Increased efficiency and faster data regarding their brands is likely to make brands take their Facebook page a wee bit more seriously. Reuters

Facebook's new effort to reach out to brands is quite important, even if we overlook the falling ad revenue fear. The move needs to be seen in light of the success that brand pages are enjoying on Google plus. Google plus which allowed brands to launch their own pages four months back has seen a spectacular rise in followers, nearly 1400% according to reports by BrightEdge.

For the uninitiated SEO's allow a web page better visibility on the search engines via natural or algorithm generated results. One could say, the greater hits a brand can get on search engines, the better it works online. The reason why brands are likely to grow on Google plus is because of Google's new search policy which incorporates results from plus into Google search.

What this means is that if you search for a brand on Google, then Google is likely to throw results from it's social networking site. Google still remains the number one search engine and this new search policy will have an adverse effect on both Twitter or Facebook.

Both sites are in no mood to take kindly to this snub. Twitter recently announced that it was launching a tie-up with Russian search engine, Yandex, which would feature real-time updates from Twitter. Facebook, which is increasingly driving a lot of search on the web, already has a tie-up with Google's Microsoft-owned rival, Bing.

The new policy by Facebook to ensure real-time updates for brand pages on the social networking site is a clear move to ensure that Google plus doesn't cause an upset for Facebook which is still the king when it comes to brand pages on social networking sites.

Published Date: Feb 27, 2012 02:23 pm | Updated Date: Feb 27, 2012 03:45 pm

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