iPhone 5S: Spoof videos mock Apple's latest smartphone

The iPhone 5S is here and while Apple might call it the most forward looking iPhone ever, spoof videos of on the iPhone are already creating a big buzz. (Mobile and tablet users should click on the embedded links to see the video.)

The first video pans the iPhone 5s with a typical Apple video. It hilariously has Apple's CEO Mark aka Senior know-it-all declares that "We at Apple have found a way to sell you the exact same phone, a year later with no changes. We call it the iPhone 5..s where the 's' stands for same."

It also has a guy featuring as Bill the CEO/WTF. He goes on to say the iPhone 5 has been hailed as the best phone of all time because people said so. The video says that people don't want changes in the iPhone, mocks Siri and Apple maps, and has an 'so-called' Apple Senior Person of Something Important declare, "We decided to spend the time on marketing."

Meanwhile Conan's O-Brien's TeamCoco has done an excellent spoof video of the Apple iPhone 5s and mocked the gold version. The video is also modelled on the typical Apple product videos. Here you can the Apple team talking about how they outsourced the gold iPhone and went 'outside of their core designer team.'

Screengrab of the iPhone 5s gold phone.

Screengrab of the iPhone 5s gold phone.

It also has a guy called Raffi, VP of Gold, then talking about why Gold is best, best, best. It is totally worth a watch.

And finally, Jimmy Kimmel has once again pranked regular users by convincing them that the iPad mini is the new iPhone 5s. Kimmel also calls the iPhone is the closest America gets to a royal baby, and says that S stands for shut up and give us your money. Previously Kimmel had convinced iPhone users that the iPhone 4S was the new iPhone 5. Watch his video below:

Personally, we think the Kimmel video is the funniest where you can see users handling an iPad mini as an iPhone and convinced that it feels lighter.

Published Date: Sep 13, 2013 10:36 am | Updated Date: Sep 13, 2013 10:36 am