Minecraft to get updated with Minecraft Coins and a digital storefront for virtual goods

Microsoft is introducing a digital marketplace to the popular block building game, Minecraft. The store will be curated, with an online portal for getting on board select content creators. The marketplace will have on offer skins, maps and textures. Players will have to pay real money for Minecraft Coins, which can be used to purchase items from the store.

A digital store will allow Minecraft players to expand their worlds, and Microsoft can screen downloads for malware before delivering them. Initially, the marketplace will launch with nine creators, and three main pieces of content.

The first is a map called Scorching Sands which is a post-apocalyptic world similar to Mad Max, with ruins and remains from a previous era strewn around. Players will be plonked in a shanty town on top of a cliff, where they have to find weapons before killing monsters. Scorching Sands is based on a popular variant of the game, known as Super Hostile.

The second main map is called Automation Dreams, which is a steampunk world, ruled by a giant robot. The final map is called Skyfair, which is a collection of floating islands with funfair games. Meant to be a casual place to hang out with other players, the funfair games are playable mini-games. Creators of Skyfair, Blockworks, have plans for two additional maps they intend to add to the store.


John Thornton, Executive Producer of Minecraft Realms says, "Bringing other creators in to sell their goods is good for players, as it enables access to a ton of different kinds of content. We know that people want to change the look of Minecraft to be what they want. There are also a number of individuals who look at Minecraft as a platform for entrepreneurialism, looking for a way to make a living doing something they love. For players, this is the best way to get content easily in the game, and for creators this ends up being a source of revenue for them, so they can continue to make fantastic creations for all the players."

The stone age texture pack

The stone age texture pack

Other content from the creators include a map of London that evolves from the middle ages to current times, pastel skin packs, a pirate themed map called "Privateer", a fairy tale themed map, a Jurassic themed map, a map featuring a pair of battling spaceships populated by players, an add-on that gives the Minecraft realm the look of a comic book, as well as a skin pack with everyday heroes including police officers, firemen and nurses.

The Skyfair Map. Image: Minecraft.

The Skyfair Map. Image: Minecraft.

The store will be available from the 1.1 Discovery update, on Microsoft: Windows Edition and Microsoft: Pocket Edition. Players will require Xbox Live Silver or Gold accounts to make purchases.

Other features landing with the update include the ability to export Minecraft structures for 3D printing, and an option to change the movement animations of players.

Published Date: Apr 11, 2017 09:38 am | Updated Date: Apr 11, 2017 09:38 am