Microsoft MakeCode for Minecraft makes learning computer science easy and fun, especially for kids

Microsoft's MakeCode team has come up with an innovative approach to make learning software development fun, especially for children. The MakeCode team has integrated a software development environment into a popular block building open world video game, to popularise computer science. The MakeCode for Minecraft editor has the same pixelated look and feel as the game. Users can either use blocks to code visually, or dive into the JavaScript and code with text.

Image: Microsoft

Image: Microsoft

MakeCode teaches the basics of programming languages, including variables, loops and functions, while still providing the students with room to explore more complex concepts such as fractals, object oriented programming and distributed programming. Students are just playing a game, and building is another superpower, learning computer science is an added bonus. While initially limited to a few students, MakeCode is now available to anyone with a Minecraft license and a Windows 10 PC.

Minecraft is an open world exploration game with few rules and constraints, making it an ideal sandbox for exploring new concepts in coding. Avatars can be made to jump over 100 blocks, make it rain rabbits, or dig through mountains. Wall building, tower construction, speed walking, bouncing pigs, and a mega jump are some of the projects that the MakeCode will teach you to do in Minecraft.


Published Date: Oct 24, 2017 14:51 PM | Updated Date: Oct 24, 2017 14:51 PM