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Jul 21, 2014

A book for the beach: The Thought Gang by Tibor Fischer

Situationist bank robberies and 'edited highlights' of western philosophy provide some great light entertainment about weighty matters I am not an ideal beach reader. Bed, bus, bath, yes; but I like the sea almost too much to be able to concentrate o...

Jul 19, 2014

Scottish writers on the referendum independence day?

Should Scotland go it alone? As the referendum approaches, leading Scottish writers give their thoughts Essay: Scottish independence literature and nationalism Robert Burns and the yes campaign Aye! We are rolling our tongues around a 3 letter word. ... #Robert Burns #Scotland #Irvine Welsh

Jul 11, 2014

The third Scotland won't be denied - whatever the referendum result

Outside Scotland's two dominant parties a group of radical young voices is blazing a trail for a fresh kind of left politics The session is titled Seven minutes to Yes. Seven supporters of the organisation Women for Independence take 420 seconds each... #Robert Burns #Scotland #Irvine Welsh

Jul 30, 2014

Paul Ryan Slams The Ex-Im Bank As 'Crony Capitalism'

By David Lawder WASHINGTON, July 30 (Reuters) - Republican congressman Paul Ryan on Wednesday slammed the U.S. Export-Import Bank as a purveyor of "crony capitalism" that mainly helps a few large companies, and said Congress should focus instead on m... #Boeing #Paul Ryan #U.S. House of Representatives #U.S. Congress #U.S. Republican Party

Jul 30, 2014

Anna Nolan: 'A glass of wine in a paper cup down by the canal will do for me'

I ended up sitting outside a pub on the Grand Canal recently, sipping some yummy chilled white wine. The canal bank was packed with after workers, some drinking beers they had purchased in the local bar. Others, like myself, were pouring the wine fro... #Boeing #Paul Ryan #U.S. House of Representatives #U.S. Congress #U.S. Republican Party

Jul 29, 2014

'Patriotic' Big Banks Profit Helping U.S. Companies Dodge Taxes

After wrecking the U.S. economy and sucking hundreds of billions of dollars from American taxpayers for their own survival, what can our patriotic big banks do for an encore? Why, help American companies flee the U.S. to avoid taxes, of course. For A... #Afghanistan #Morgan Stanley #Goldman Sachs #Dodge #New York Times Company #Andrew Ross Sorkin #Jamie Dimon #J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. #Thomson Reuters

Jul 30, 2014

The Punt: Diageo 'friends' Facebook with appointment

Is Guinness going viral? Drinks giant Diageo has named Facebook's Nicola Mendelsohn, as a non-executive director, taking up the post on September 1. She will remain as vice president for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Facebook, where she is... #Europe #California #Middle East #Africa #Menlo Park #Diageo plc #Facebook #Bank of Ireland #Richard Bruton (politician) #Karen O

Jul 28, 2014

Investors face into Scottish vote 
unprotected and unperturbed

Less than two months before an independence vote that could ultimately tear apart Ireland's largest trading partner, investors in financial markets seem largely unmoved. Last week saw the first glimmer of action in currency markets to protect against... #Morgan Stanley #United Kingdom #William Hill #Alex Salmond #Paul Lambert #Bank of England

Jul 30, 2014

PayPal: Give Us Some Credit

Lend PayPal your ears: The eBay-owned payments company doesn't want to just process your transactions. It wants to fund them, too. The most visible move it's making is changing the name of BillMeLater, a provider of consumer credit eBay bought in 200... #eBay Inc. #PayPal

Jul 26, 2014

Honohan threatens new policy measures to cool house prices

CENTRAL Bank Governor Patrick Honohan has promised to step in and stop house prices in the capital running out of control if a credit-fuelled boom emerges. "We have a toolbox of measures which can be used to cool down credit-fuelled demand," Prof Hon... #United Kingdom #Dublin, Ireland #Enda Kenny #Bank of England