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Jun 24, 2014

Skin specialist sought white supremacist to kill ‘Mexican, gay’ rival

A Hollywood skin care specialist to the stars sought to have a white supremacists assassin wipe out a competitor, whom she slurred as a "double minority, Mexican gay," a witness testified in court...

Jul 06, 2014

Beauty Bible beauty clinic: My face is covered in white spots (milia) - how can I get rid of them?

In the past couple of years (I am 54) I've noticed that the pores on my chin and some round my nose have little white plugs. They're not whiteheads (although some do develop into them). If I draw my fingernail along the skin, they stand slightly prou...

Jun 25, 2014

Experts fear skin cancer for rare white whale

Experts are worried that the red spots found on the dorsal fin of a 28-year-old white whale named Migaloo might be skin cancer. The researchers noticed the red markings after.....