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UP Elections 2012

UP Elections 2012

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Aug 20, 2014

Obama ‘a good deal worse than even I expected,’ Mitt Romney claims

Two years after he was soundly defeated by President Obama in the 2012 election, Mitt Romney still appears to be sore... #Barack Obama #Mitt Romney

Aug 23, 2014

Mexico's Peña Nieto unveils police unit, much smaller than envisioned

When he was running for election in 2012, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto offered a new police organization, the gendarmerie, as a cornerstone campaign promise and his only security initiative. It was to be a 50,000-strong, independent paramilit... #Barack Obama #Mitt Romney

Aug 29, 2014

97% of LI educators rated 'effective' or 'highly effective'

Ninety-seven percent of Long Island's public school teachers and principals rated "highly effective" or "effective" and fewer than 1 percent scored "ineffective" in the first-ever regionwide job evaluation results released Thursday by the state Educa... #Nassau County, NY #Suffolk County, NY #Long Island, NY #Woodmere, NY

Aug 23, 2014

France's François Hollande returns to mutiny and mistrust within party ranks

The French president faces rebellion from his own Socialist party as he sees his leftwing coalition start to unravel At the news kiosk across the Seine from Rue de Solférino, famed as the home to France's Socialist party, L'Express magazine's front p... #François Hollande #France

Aug 27, 2014

If Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are mavericks British politics is doomed

It says all too much about the narrowing of democracy that those presented as outsiders are the establishment in undiluted form Poor old David Cameron, returning from pointing at fish on his Cornish holiday to be greeted with a media warning him of d... #London #David Cameron #Liberal Democrats #National Health Service #Boris Johnson #Nigel Farage

Aug 25, 2014

Arnaud Montebourg: the maverick minister who sparked French crisis

High-profile economy minister's latest public criticisms of government's austerity policies was final straw for PM Manuel Valls The surprising thing about Arnaud Montebourg's departure from the French government after he criticised the cabinet's econ... #Lakshmi Mittal #François Hollande #Europe #France

Aug 20, 2014

Heuvel: This is the better way to choose House members

In the original conception of our Constitution, the House of Representatives was to be the branch of government that best reflected the will of the people. House members cannot serve without being elected - vacancies are not filled by appointees - an... #Barack Obama #Mitt Romney #U.S. House of Representatives #U.S. Democratic Party #U.S. Republican Party

Aug 12, 2014

Bishop launches first TV ad; GOP brands it a rerun

Rep. Tim Bishop (D-Southampton) has launched his first TV ad for his re-election bid, but Republicans immediately attacked him for putting out a summer rerun. The 30-second spot, which began appearing Tuesday on cable television channels, uses worker... #Tim Bishop #Brookhaven National Lab #U.S. Republican Party #Lee Zeldin #Brookhaven, NY #Southampton, NY #Long Island, NY #Shirley, NY

Aug 16, 2014

In choice of Rob Manfred, the bottom line was the bottom line

The results of the election were only a few minutes old, and with most of the owners already fleeing the lobby of Baltimore's Hyatt Regency to their waiting airport limos, the man who will replace Bud Selig stepped to the microphone in a cramped conf... #Fay Vincent #Hyatt Regency #San Francisco Giants #Major League Baseball #Rob Manfred

Aug 14, 2014

AP source: Rob Manfred elected MLB commissioner

BALTIMORE --  Rob Manfred has been elected baseball's 10th commissioner and will succeed Bud Selig in January. A labor lawyer who has worked for Major League Baseball since 1998, Manfred beat out Boston Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner on Thursday in the ... #Boston Red Sox #Bud Selig #Fay Vincent #Major League Baseball #Rob Manfred #Massachusetts #Harvard University #Frank McCourt #Randy Levine #Charles O. #Richard Ravitch #Bob DuPuy #Joseph L Tauro #New York (state)