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Aug 27, 2014

U.N. Security Council takes aim at Libyan warlords

The United Nations Security Council on Wednesday took the first step toward punishing Libyan warlords or militias for their role in the country's 3-year-old conflict... #U N Security Council #United Nations

Aug 05, 2014

Dutch UN Ambassador pleads for access to Malaysia Airlines crash site

THE Netherlands told the UN Security Council Monday that the focus of its investigation in the shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in the eastern Ukraine is the recovery of victims’ remains... #U N Security Council #Malaysia Airlines

Aug 28, 2014

UN Security Council holds emergency meeting over Ukraine as Nato claims that Russia has sent more than 1,000 troops over border to fight alongside separatists

Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko called for UN action over the presence of Russian troops and tanks, as tensions rise again in strategically important areas in the south-east of the country... #U N Security Council #Petro Poroshenko

Aug 31, 2014

Philippine troops pull 'greatest escape' in Golan

(AP) -- Under cover of darkness, 40 Filipino peacekeepers escaped their besieged outpost in the Golan Heights after a seven-hour gunbattle with Syrian rebels, Philippine officials said Sunday. Al-Qaida-linked insurgents still hold captive 45 Fijian t... #Manila #Al-Qaeda #Golan Heights #United Nations

Aug 28, 2014

UN: Armed group detains 43 peacekeepers in Syria

(AP) -- An armed group detained 43 U.N. peacekeepers during fighting in Syria early Thursday and another 81 peacekeepers are trapped, the United Nations said. The peacekeepers were detained on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights during a "period of ... #Syria #United Nations #Philippines #Al-Qaeda #Golan Heights #Fiji #Ban Ki-moon #US State Department

Aug 28, 2014

France rules out Assad as partner in terror fight

(AP) -- French President Francois Hollande on Thursday ruled out an international partnership with Syria's leader to fight against the Islamic State group, saying any alliance with Bashar Assad would play into the militants' hands. In a wide-ranging ... #Syria #U N Security Council #United Nations #Libya #NATO #United Kingdom #Muammar al-Qaddafi

Aug 19, 2014

Ukrainian air-traffic control 'sent flight MH17 over Donetsk conflict zone', says Russia

The Russian envoy to the UN Security Council has demanded Kiev release all records of its air-traffic communications with the plane, whose downing is the subject of a major diplomat crisis... #Syria #U N Security Council #United Nations #Libya #NATO #United Kingdom #Muammar al-Qaddafi

Aug 27, 2014

Yemen's president warns rebels over show of force

(AP) -- Yemen's president on Wednesday warned armed Shiite rebels leading mass protests in the country's capital that the United States and other world powers oppose the "rebellion" and the show of force by the group. The official SABA news agency qu... #U N Security Council #Yemen #Ali Abdullah Saleh #Muslim Brotherhood

Aug 28, 2014

Ukraine crisis: Obama says US 'not taking military action' as it happened

US president says Russian incursion plain for world to see Declines to use the word invasion UN security council holds emergency meeting Russian envoy: Everybody knows Russian volunteers in Ukraine Obama: additional steps may follow Nato summit Read ... #Vladimir Putin #United Nations #Barack Obama #Petro Poroshenko #Russia #Ukraine #Europe