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Transportation allowance

Transportation allowance

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Jul 09, 2014

U.K. follows TSA's lead, bans uncharged electronic devices from some flights

Anyone traveling into or out of the United Kingdom will want to make sure their devices are fully charged before getting to the airport. The British Department for Transport recently announced it will follow the U.S. Transportation Security Administr... #United Kingdom #Department for Transport #Transportation Security Administration

Jul 11, 2014

Gmail users on iOS at risk of data interception

Apple users accessing Gmail on mobile devices could be at risk of having their data intercepted, a mobile security company said Thursday. The reason is Google has not yet implemented a security technology that would prevent attackers from viewing and... #United Kingdom #Department for Transport #Transportation Security Administration

Jul 02, 2014

OpenSSL Project publishes roadmap to counter criticism

The OpenSSL Project is planning a number of changes to ensure its security component, used across millions of computers across the Internet, is in tip-top shape. OpenSSL is an open-source code library that encrypts communications between a computer a... #United Kingdom #Department for Transport #Transportation Security Administration