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Jul 09, 2014

Verizon Received Nearly 149,000 Government Requests For User Data So Far This Year

As reported by Verizon's second ever transparency repor...

Jul 10, 2014

What to Do About Banco Espirito Santo of Portugal

Full transparency and a quick restructuring are essential for Portugal’s second-largest bank by value, say George Hay and Neil Unmack of Reuters Breakingviews... #Basel Committee on Banking Supervision #Portugal #Portugal Telecom

Jun 30, 2014

Op-Ed Contributor: Jaron Lanier on Lack of Transparency in Facebook Study

As guinea pigs, we deserve to know what researchers are doing... #Jaron Lanier #Facebook

Jul 03, 2014

EU court orders more transparency over US-EU terrorist finance tracking program

The European Union’s top court has ordered EU institutions to lift the veil on negotiations over sending EU citizens’ banking data to U.S. authorities in an effort to identify and combat terrorism. The U.S. set up the Terrorist Finance Tracking Progr... #Jaron Lanier #Facebook

Jul 02, 2014

Data Is A Two-Edged Sword: How Startups Can Balance Privacy And The Need To Know

In a world of data collection, where's the line between privacy and forward-movement of society? With transparency, new businesses can take the right steps... #Jaron Lanier #Facebook

Jun 30, 2014

Secrecy of Dark Pools Can Blur Both Ways

A lack of transparency for dark pools is almost sure to invite abuses, Peter J. Henning writes in the White Collar Watch column... #Jaron Lanier #Facebook

Jun 30, 2014

Senators question US surveillance transparency report

A recent report from the U.S. intelligence director that provides the number of surveillance targets in 2013 is not specific enough to provide the transparency the nation’s residents need, two senators said Monday. The transparency report , issued Th... #Minnesota #Nevada #Al Franken #National Security Agency #Dean Heller #U.S. Democratic Party #U.S. Republican Party

Jun 20, 2014

SEC Chairman Unveils Plan to Boost Transparency in Bond Markets

The nation's top securities regulator, weeks after disclosing a sweeping plan to address issues in the stock market, is targeting a new corner of the market for reform: the bond market... #Minnesota #Nevada #Al Franken #National Security Agency #Dean Heller #U.S. Democratic Party #U.S. Republican Party

Jun 20, 2014

DealBook: Mary Jo White of S.E.C. Seeks to Make More Bond Market Data Available

Mary Jo White said on Friday that she had asked the S.E.C. to enhance transparency in a sector of Wall Street where middlemen may now have an advantage over investors... #Wall Street #Securities and Exchange Commission #Financial Industry Regulatory Authority