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Aug 09, 2014

Tour Bus Tumbles Off Cliff in Tibet

A tour bus on a highway in southern Tibet fell off a 30-foot cliff after crashing into a sport-utility vehicle and a pickup, killing 44 people and injuring 11 others, China's state-run Xinhua News Agency reported... #China #Tibet

Aug 20, 2014

Dangerous Buses * Tibet / China - India

Forty-four people died... On Monday, a 45-person tour bus fell into a river in southeastern Tibet , killing three and leaving 13 others missing... * India - 2,500 private Delhi buses lose permits New Delhi,India - TNN, by Rumu Banerjee -Aug 20, 2014:... #China #India #New Delhi #Tibet

Aug 10, 2014

Tour bus plunges into Tibet ravine, killing 44

A tour bus on a highway in Tibet fell off a 30-foot cliff after crashing into an SUV and a pickup, killing 44 people and injuring 11 others, China's state media reported Sunday... #China #Tibet #Beijing

Aug 09, 2014

Tibet tour bus plunges off cliff, killing unknown number

A tour bus carrying about 40 people fell off a 30-foot cliff in southwest China's mountainous region of Tibet on Saturday, causing some fatalities, the country's official news agency reported... #China #Tibet

Aug 10, 2014

44 Dead in Tour Bus Crash in Tibet

A bus carrying about 50 passengers crashed into two vehicles and fell 30 feet off a mountainous highway on Saturday, the state news media said... #China #Tibet

Aug 14, 2014

Op-Ed Contributor: Learning to Forget Tibet in China

In the process of assimilation, my Tibetan past was nearly rubbed out. Just like Beijing wanted... #China #Beijing #Tibet

Aug 13, 2014

Sinosphere Blog: Tibetan Environmentalist Is Freed From Prison

Rinchen Samdrup led residents of Tibet in planting trees and opposing poachers. Four years ago, he was sentenced to prison on charges of inciting separatism... #Tibet #Radio Free Asia #China #Human Rights Watch #Dalai Lama

Aug 02, 2014

Rain hampers search for over 100 missing in Nepal

(AP) -- Fresh rainfall was hampering a search Sunday for scores of villagers missing after a massive landslide in northern Nepal, where army troops used explosives to blast a river blockage in an attempt to release a dangerous water buildup. Police s... #Nepal #India #Tibet

Aug 04, 2014

Nepal tourists rescued by helicopter after landslide blocks road

More than 500 foreign tourists and guides returning from hiking in Tibet were stranded in border town after deadly landslide Continue reading..... #Nepal #Tibet

Jul 31, 2014

Age of Ambition review an intimate portrait of China

How do you write about China? Evan Osnos shows us the lives of its citizens including dissidents Ai Weiwei and Liu Xiaobo Of the many detailed portraits of politicians, dissidents and strivers that make up Evan Osnos's lively panorama of evolving con... #China #Europe #Beijing #Tibet #YouTube #Ai Weiwei #Liu Xiaobo