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Jul 19, 2014

Mute-deaf Indian boy found tied to bus stop gets new life

Nine-year-old Lakhan Kale was regularly tied to a pole at a bus stop in Mumbai by his grandmother who feared he'd walk into traffic while she was at work...

Jul 30, 2014

The worst song ever recorded? Indian singer's hilarious 'It's My Life' track becomes a smash hit (on the Internet at least!)

Vennu Mallesh has become an internet sensation in the West after Internet users discovered one of his videos and spread it across social networks...

Jul 22, 2014

Meet the Indian snake charmer who risks his life every day to remove some of the deadliest species in the world from people's homes - and he's allergic to most anti-venoms

M.S. Balasubramaniam catches up to 10 snakes a day in Mysore, southern India, and insists: 'Snakes are not as poisonous as humans. They are our friends'...

Jul 20, 2014

Group hopes to build Oklahoma pop culture museum

(AP) -- Jamie Oldaker toured the world drumming for the likes of Eric Clapton, among others, but he never lost touch with Oklahoma, where he honed the skills that enabled him to spend his life making music. Oldaker, who grew up in Tulsa, has lent his... #Oklahoma #Oklahoma City, OK #Eric Clapton #Leon Russell #Kings of Leon

Jul 21, 2014

James Garner: An appreciation

Combative, intelligent, sensitive, hard-driving, tough and above all talented, James Garner -- who died Saturday at the age of 86 -- did share one trait in common with so very many gifted people: He was complicated. He took a cauldron of life experie... #Hollywood #Oklahoma #Andrew Jackson #Curt Flood #James Garner

Jul 03, 2014

When will the Kashmiri nightmare end?

Narendra Modi's plan to return hundreds of thousands of displaced Pandits to Jammu and Kashmir highlights the state's appalling human rights record India's prime minister, Narendra Modi, is facing a total shutdown on his first visit to Jammu and Kash... #India #Pakistan #Narendra Modi #Kashmir, India

Jul 29, 2014

‘Caucasians’ T-shirt mocking Cleveland Indians becomes hot seller on reserves

A hot fashion item this summer on Ontario First Nations’ reserves is a T-shirt with the lettering “Caucasians” and the grinning logo of Chief Wahoo, the much-derided mascot of the Cleveland Indians major league baseball team. Tracy Bomberry said she ... #Ontario #Ottawa #Washington Redskins #Cleveland Indians

Jul 28, 2014

John Ecker, accused of stalking and harrassing women in Springfield, begins testimony

With the jury out of the room defense lawyer Brett Lampiasi asked Judge C. Jeffrey Kinder to ask John Ecker, on the court record - if he understood he did not have to testify. SPRINGFIELD - John L. Ecker began testifying in his own defense Monday in ... #Ontario #Ottawa #Washington Redskins #Cleveland Indians

Jul 26, 2014

Trial of John L. Ecker, accused of serial stalking, begins in Hampden Superior Court

Ecker faces multiple counts of stalking, criminal harassment, witness intimidation and other crimes in connection with several allegations in 2013 by four women. SPRINGFIELD - John Ecker allegedly stalked women - including a doctor's office worker, a... #Ontario #Ottawa #Washington Redskins #Cleveland Indians

Jul 24, 2014

Son finds both parents dead in their swimming pool after they both suffered heart attacks

A retired surgeon died alongside his wife after both suffered heart attacks in a back garden swimming pool. Nayyar Siddique, 77, collapsed during her regular exercise session in the pool of their garden at their £625,000 four-bedroom detached house i... #Europe #India #Africa #Pope John Paul II #Lesotho #Prince Harry #Save the Children