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Theory of Forms

Theory of Forms

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Sep 17, 2014

How do freelancers get a mortgage?

In theory, it should be just as easy for self-employed people to mortgages as anyone else, but in reality its not quite that simple Once upon a time, all you needed to get a mortgage was a trio of wage slips. Since the credit crunch lenders have beco...

Sep 13, 2014

'Married ... with Children' might get a spinoff

"Married ... with Children" may have ended in 1997, but that doesn't mean we've seen the last of the Bundys. As originally reported by E!, there's a chance that the comedy could return to TV in a new form. Sony Pictures Television, the studio behind ... #Hollywood #Sony Pictures #Christina Applegate #Facebook #Ed O'Neill

Sep 18, 2014

The Fabulous Future of p2p Economics, Commerce and Democracy

I've just returned from an eye-opening, mind-expanding week in Leipzig at the 4th Annual global Degrowth congress. This vibrant gathering brought together over 3,000, mostly young, 'prosumer' activists and practitioners from a variety of new economy ... #India #Bolivia

Sep 17, 2014

Every Company Can and Should Replicate CVS' Social Good

"The ultimate most holy form of theory is action." -- Nikos Kazantzakis When CVS Caremark announced earlier this year that it was banning tobacco sales because tobacco no longer tied to its primary purpose of health care, it received over-the-top acc... #United Nations #Nikos Kazantzakis #CVS Corporation

Sep 19, 2014

The Weekly Read: 8 things I wish I knew when I started college

After five years of college, Dairne Black knows a thing or two about the dos and don'ts that will make your time in college one you'll never forget... It’s been seven years since I started college, and right now, at this exact moment in time, to say ... #Google Inc. #Red Bull

Sep 16, 2014

Bobby Jindal Trusts Science Except When He Doesn't

WASHINGTON -- America needs a leader to bridge the widening gulf between faith and science, and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a devout Roman Catholic with Ivy League-level science training, thinks he can be that person. As a studious man of immigrant ... #Washington, D.C. #Louisiana #White House #Environmental Protection Agency #Baton Rouge, LA #Bobby Jindal #Ivy League #U.S. Republican Party

Sep 10, 2014

James Simons, wife, donate $25M to Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University has received $25 million from hedge fund founder James Simons and his wife, Marilyn, to boost research by physicists and mathematicians into how the universe works, the school announced Tuesday. The Simons Center for Geometry a... #London #John Morgan #James Simons #Stony Brook University #East Setauket, NY #Archimedes of Syracuse

Aug 27, 2014

Veep: Julia Louis-Dreyfus leads the sitcom's third season to glory

The Seinfeld star picked up yet another Emmy for her turn as Selina Meyer this week. As the White House comedy comes to London, what do you make of this season so far? This years Emmy awards provided little in the way of surprises , with Breaking Bad... #London #Julia Louis-Dreyfus #HBO #BSKYB #Armando Iannucci

Sep 01, 2014

Queen of Alba set to trump Empress Toorah at Roscommon

Empress Toorah will try to complete a hat-trick for Sabrina Harty's in-form team in tonight's featured fillies' handicap at Roscommon. The Curragh handler has saddled four winners and four placed horses from eight runners, and this progressive three-... #London #Julia Louis-Dreyfus #HBO #BSKYB #Armando Iannucci

Aug 24, 2014

Obituary: BKS Iyengar, international Yoga guru dies (95)

BKS IYENGAR, who has died aged 95, was credited with bringing the 3,000-year-old oral tradition and physical practice of yoga to the West; he promoted a system, notable for its use of props and its step-by-step approach to the "asanas" (yoga position... #Belgium #London #India #Aldous Huxley #Yehudi Menuhin