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Theory of Forms

Theory of Forms

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Aug 12, 2014

Content Marketing Funnel: 5 Steps to Customer Acquisition

With all the hype surrounding the phrase “content marketing” these days, it’s easy to forget what content marketing actually is - namely, using various forms of (mostly) digital content to educate and entertain an audience in order to increase awaren...

Jul 30, 2014

The Mysterious Siberian Giant Holes Are Easily Explained With Funny Memes

Scientists don't know how these craters were formed, but people with Photoshop do. We've collected the best "theories....

Aug 27, 2014

Veep: Julia Louis-Dreyfus leads the sitcom's third season to glory

The Seinfeld star picked up yet another Emmy for her turn as Selina Meyer this week. As the White House comedy comes to London, what do you make of this season so far? This years Emmy awards provided little in the way of surprises , with Breaking Bad... #London #Julia Louis-Dreyfus #HBO #BSKYB #Armando Iannucci

Aug 19, 2014

Defense: Ex-governor's wife took credit for loans

(AP) -- Former Gov. Bob McDonnell's wife sent text messages claiming exclusive credit for securing loans from a Virginia businessman whose largesse toward the couple is at the heart of their public corruption trial, according to evidence presented Tu... #Virginia #Virginia Beach, VA #Bob McDonnell

Aug 26, 2014

Death of opposition leader roils Botswana

(AP) -- He was a former stalwart in Botswana's ruling party who defected to become a rising star in the political opposition ahead of elections in October. He was also a musical composer who performed with his choir in the 1990s in the United States ... #Zimbabwe #Africa #United Kingdom #Botswana #U.S. Democratic Party #Ian Khama

Aug 28, 2014

Mystery of Death Valley's moving rocks solved

(AP) -- For years scientists have theorized about how large rocks -- some weighing hundreds of pounds -- zigzag across Racetrack Playa in Death Valley National Park, leaving long trails etched in the earth. Now two researchers at the Scripps Institut... #San Diego, CA #Los Angeles Times #University of California

Aug 04, 2014

Alan Turing's theory of how limbs and fingers form in the womb finally proven

Researchers in Barcelona have confirmed British mathematician Alan Turing's 62-year-old theory that explains how certain patterns form (image shown)... #Barcelona #Alan Turing

Aug 13, 2014

Study indicates that dogs could get jealous

When Shetland sheepdog Maggie comes home from the groomer, her owners praise and pet her shiny coat, much to the chagrin of pit bull Stormy, who will head-butt her until their family cuts out the compliments. "Stormy's jealous," said owner Amy Putnam... #San Diego, CA #Texas #Los Angeles, CA #Shetland #University of California

Aug 24, 2014

Obituary: BKS Iyengar, international Yoga guru dies (95)

BKS IYENGAR, who has died aged 95, was credited with bringing the 3,000-year-old oral tradition and physical practice of yoga to the West; he promoted a system, notable for its use of props and its step-by-step approach to the "asanas" (yoga position... #Belgium #London #India #Aldous Huxley #Yehudi Menuhin

Aug 26, 2014

Set aside half of the planet for animals - scientist

Half the planet should be set aside solely for the protection of wildlife to prevent the "mass extinction" of species, according to one of the world' s leading biologists. The radical conservation strategy proposed by Dr EO Wilson (85), an influentia... #Washington, D.C. #Smithsonian Institution