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The Color Purple

The Color Purple

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Sep 17, 2014

"The Color Purple" paints the Milwaukee Rep stage

Back in 2010, Mark Clements arrived in Milwaukee and, in his first act as artistic director, brought something to the Milwaukee Rep's main stage that oddly it had never seen in its impressive history: a musical. "We were not a theater that was necess...

Sep 18, 2014

5 free things to see in Western Massachusetts

(AP) -- Whether you're visiting the region's many colleges or just playing tourist, Western Massachusetts is an interesting destination. There are towns dating back three centuries, main streets that seem simultaneously old-fashioned and trendy, and ... #Massachusetts #Boston, MA

Sep 18, 2014

We Could Watch Girls Pulling Out Demi Lovato’s Hair Extensions All Day

In the most no-brainer move of all time, Demi Lovato decided to launch a line of hair extensions called Secret Color to emulate those freshly dyed tips she’s always sporting. The “hair”—a keratin-conditioned fiber—comes in bold shades of pink, red, b... #Massachusetts #Boston, MA