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Sep 17, 2014

Logitech's Harmony remote and hub aim to stop the home automation madness

Logitech is hoping to tame the wild west of home automation with its new Harmony remote controls and hub. Good luck with that. While many retailers and tech brands are building their own home automation systems with not much compatibility between the...

Sep 17, 2014

Netflix's Chaos Engineering Should Be Mandatory—Everywhere

Most enterprises hire people to fix things. Netflix hires people to break things. Over and over. And over. Rather than look at Netflix as some bizarre Silicon Valley curiosity, relevant only to those who live between 280 and 101, we should instead em... #Silicon Valley #Netflix

Sep 16, 2014

Where's the Best City to Start a Food Company?

Our company is based in San Francisco - one of the best areas in the world for a tech startup. But is Northern California the best place to start a food company? There are plenty of young food companies sprouting up around here - as well as in other ... #Florida #San Francisco, CA #California #Hawaii #Maine #Portland, Maine #Boulder, CO

Sep 09, 2014

Behind the scenes at a Downtown tech hub

With all of the signage in place, feature[23]'s new headquarters Downtown are ready for launch and liftoff. The project - which involved renovating the 4,400-square-foot space on the tenth floor of the historic Greenleaf building - may have taken lon... #Florida #San Francisco, CA #California #Hawaii #Maine #Portland, Maine #Boulder, CO

Sep 09, 2014

Women Are Thriving in Tech -- Why Are They Still Invisible?

The following is excerpted from Innovating Women: The Changing Face of Technology by Vivek Wadhwa and Farai Chideya. Copyright 2014 by Vivek Wadhwa and Farai Chideya. Excerpted by permission of Diversion Books. By Megan Smith (U.S. chief technology o... #Hollywood #Google Inc. #Geena Davis

Sep 10, 2014

Netflix leads tech giants' 'go-slow' protest in battle over net neutrality

Sites including Reddit, Pornhub and Vimeo install widgets to show how the internet would look if regulators caved in to big cable companies on net neutrality Why is my internet slow today? Much of the internet went on a go-slow protest on Wednesday, ... #Federal Communications Commission #Netflix #Vimeo #United States #Kickstarter #Foursquare

Sep 09, 2014

How to Hire Top Talent in Silicon Valley

Here's what you need to know to identify and attract the best candidates in the Valley and other tech hubs... #Federal Communications Commission #Netflix #Vimeo #United States #Kickstarter #Foursquare

Sep 08, 2014

Dubai free zone to launch Google for Entrepreneurs tech hub

DMCC says it is partnering with AstroLabs to launch platform for technology startups early next yea... #Dubai #Google Inc.

Sep 05, 2014

Sources: ISIS poster boy Boston-trained techie

A 32-year-old computer whiz who was raised in Stoughton is suspected of using the high-tech skills he honed at Hub colleges to spread the bloodthirsty message of ISIS terrorists on social media, according to a Herald source and news reports. Ahmad Ab... #Federal Bureau of Investigation #Northeastern University

Sep 04, 2014

Israeli Entrepreneurs Need More Than Funding To Conquer NYC

In the last few years, NYC has become a hub for Israeli entrepreneurs looking to build big, global businesses. For a variety of reasons ranging from better time zone, shorter distance to Israel than Silicon Valley, a very active and supportive commun... #Federal Bureau of Investigation #Northeastern University