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Jul 31, 2014

Growing Entrepreneurship in Latin America

The creation of tech-hubs, cultural interest in entrepreneurs and government-backed initiatives for innovative new businesses are all indications of a more advanced start-up culture – something that many countries crave. Throughout Latin America, a c...

Jul 22, 2014

Tel Aviv's Tech Hub Scrambles Amid Disruptions

Israel's battle with Hamas has some tech entrepreneurs in Tel Aviv scrambling to staff their startups and keep to their travel plans... #Israel #Hamas #Tel Aviv

Jul 27, 2014

Developing Detroit: Red Wings arena plans unveiled; Duggan lures tech hub to Corktown

Plans unveiled for $650 million Detroit Red Wings arena and entertainment district Here , we wonder aloud whether the Detroit's latest sports-related project will be the development catalyst that its proponents argue justifies spending $285 million i... #Detroit, MI #Detroit Red Wings #Corktown, Detroit

Jul 23, 2014

Spoek Mathambo and the future sounds of township tech

Rapper's new feature-length film documents the rise and rise of South Africa's electronic music scene, says Clyde Macfarlane "Township tech" is more than just a music genre. As well as describing a particular strain of South Africas upcoming electron... #South Africa #Africa

Jul 23, 2014

Mayor Mike Duggan on tech hub coming to Detroit: 'Expect to see us win a lot more in the future'

The hub was originally supposed to be based in Canton Township and open in May, and Duggan said when he approached "his friends at the White House," they said he was too late and it was already headed to the suburbs... #South Africa #Africa

Jul 26, 2014

Has Google's love affair with Dublin cooled?

Concern is brewing in Irish tech circles that Google has not built a Google Campus in Dublin similar to the ground-breaking innovation hub it has set up in other major cities. Sources said the failure to establish a Google Campus in Dublin, the compa... #Google Inc. #London #Middle East #Silicon Valley #Dublin, Ireland #Sao Paulo #Tel Aviv

Jul 23, 2014

Toronto upgrades traffic system to try and battle congestion

During this summer of lane closures and traffic jams, the man in charge of keeping Toronto moving answers the question fuming motorists want to know: why don’t construction crews work overtime and overnight? “Everyone says ‘I want 24/7 construction,’... #North America #Toronto #Rob Ford

Jul 24, 2014

Hi-tech hub hopes to help Toronto traffic [Video]

Transportation officials in Toronto hope the new $3-million transportation operations centre unveiled Wednesday will eventually provide an easier commute for the thousands of cars on city streets... #North America #Toronto #Rob Ford

Jul 21, 2014

Gov. Rick Scott highlights 'Jobs for the Next Generation' in Pompano Beach

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is pledging to permanently eliminate manufacturing equipment sales taxes and create new incentives to encourage more science and engineering graduates. Scott plans to highlight his "Jobs for the Next Generation" proposals duri... #Florida #Pompano Beach #Rick Scott #Boca Raton #Orlando Florida

Jul 22, 2014

They've Got LeBron, But Now Cleveland Seeks MVP Entrepreneurs

"In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have. I'm ready to accept the challenge. I'm coming home." -- LeBron James LeBron's instantly famous words summing up his return to Cleveland conveyed something essenti... #Ohio #Cleveland, OH #LeBron James #Shaker Heights