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Jul 23, 2014

Holy Taxation, Batman! Remembering Batman's Tax Villain

"Holy Taxation, Batman!...

Jul 24, 2014

President Barack Obama wants to limit mergers of U.S. companies abroad

President Barack Obama is tapping into growing misgivings about tax-driven overseas mergers by U.S. corporations, issuing a new call to end the practice quickly and questioning the patriotism and citizenship of those companies. The push comes amid a ... #Barack Obama #Utah #Orrin Hatch #U.S. Democratic Party #U.S. Republican Party

Jul 11, 2014

Arctic Monkeys: from men of the people to tax-dodgers

Rock stars have long held an ambivalent view towards paying their fair share of tax. But when the band in question pride themselves on having the common touch, it's especially hard to stomach There was a beautifully serendipitous irony to the timing ... #Inland Revenue #Arctic Monkeys #George Harrison

Jul 06, 2014

Egypt president raises cigarette, alcohol prices

(AP) -- Egypt's president decreed an increase in sales tax on cigarettes, beer and wine, the latest in a series of price hikes that aim to ease the country's staggering budget deficit. The decision announced Sunday increases a flat tax on local and i... #Egypt #International Monetary Fund

Jul 08, 2014

Scottish independence: which issues have led the Twitter debate in 2014?

Researchers at Glasgow university have taken a look at which topics have been the most prominent over time in the ongoing #indyref hashtag battle DATA: all the words used more than 98 times A study by researchers at the University of Glasgow has anal... #Glasgow #Scotland

Jun 26, 2014

The left should stand with David Cameron over Juncker

Jean-Claude Juncker taking the top job at the European commission would simply be undemocratic. That the Tories realise this doesn't make it less true If Jean-Claude Juncker gets the job as European commission president this week , which now looks al... #Europe #United Kingdom #UK Conservative Party #Jean-Claude Juncker #David Cameron #European Union #European Commission

Jul 10, 2014

John Oliver shows why Hobby Lobby's arguments were so irrational

What these companies are arguing is that the sincerity of their beliefs should allow them a line item veto over federal law.  But government is not an à la carte system where you can pick and choose based on your beliefs.  Taxation is more of an all ... #John Oliver #Hobby Lobby

Jul 21, 2014

Student who sought injunction to remove online video faces legal costs of over €1m

A student who went to court to permanently remove an internet video clip falsely accusing him of taxi fare evasion is facing a legal costs bill believed to be over €1 million, it emerged today. Eoin McKeogh told a High Court judge: "I am a student of... #Paul Lambert #Google Inc. #YouTube #Facebook

Jul 21, 2014 | Why UK should privatise onshore oil and gas

Oil and gas taxation has become a major source of conflict between producers and Britain's tax authorities... #Paul Lambert #Google Inc. #YouTube #Facebook

Jul 01, 2014

Line Item Taxation- The Cure To Republican Talking Points

Imagine if taxes were listed on your check in a line item fashion, instead of a Fed Tax Withheld Generalization. One line item tax could be Minimum Wage Poverty Subsidy. A proper minimum wage could be listed that would negate the need of this tax, an... #Paul Lambert #Google Inc. #YouTube #Facebook