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Sep 29, 2014

America's imperial taxation: Column

Uncle Sam's long reach hits U.S. businesses twice when they make profits overseas...

Oct 01, 2014

EU calls Apple's Irish tax deal illegal, asks for more details

BRUSSELS -- Apple risks having to repay Ireland tax rebates worth billions of dollars after the European Union's competition watchdog said Tuesday the company appears to be benefiting from illegal tax deals there. In a preliminary report into the com... #European Union #Brussels #Starbucks Corp #Apple, Inc.

Sep 24, 2014

Inheritance tax initiative hits bump

GenevaLunch News BERN, SWITZERLAND – A Swiss popular initiative to tax inheritance, created by the left-wing Evangelical Party, ran into problems in parliament Wednesday 24 September. The initiative was drawn up to provide AVS funding, but the upper ... #European Union #Brussels #Starbucks Corp #Apple, Inc.

Sep 30, 2014

Irish Apple tax rebates 'illegal'

The European Union's competition watchdog says tax rebates that Ireland granted iPhone maker Apple appear to amount to illegal state aid and may have to be recouped. Apple funnels the bulk of its international sales through subsidiaries in Ireland, w... #European Union #California #Dublin, Ireland #Starbucks Corp

Oct 01, 2014

Not enough taxation and too much representation | Al Jazeera America

In Congress one of the hot issues is what, if anything, to do about corporate inversion, an increasingly popular tax avoidance strategy in which a U.S. corporation acquires a foreign company in order to move its headquarters abroad and pay a lower ta... #European Union #California #Dublin, Ireland #Starbucks Corp

Sep 23, 2014

Tim Hortons, Burger King deal moves ahead as U.S. cracks down on tax inversions

Plans by the U.S. Treasury Department to crack down on corporate inversions will not affect Burger King Worldwide Inc.’s deal to buy Tim Hortons Inc. The agreement is “moving forward as planned,” Tim Hortons spokesperson Scott Bonikowsky said in an e... #Toronto #Burger King #Pfizer Inc. #Pfizer Inc. #Tim Hortons Inc. #AstraZeneca PLC #United States Department of the Treasury #Hines #New York Stock Exchange

Sep 30, 2014

Apple Gets Illegal Tax Breaks From Ireland: EU

BRUSSELS (AP) — Ireland appears to be granting Apple illegal tax rebates that may have to be recouped, the European Union's competition watchdog said Tuesday as it pressed on with an inquiry into the iPhone maker's overseas tax practices. If the EU's... #European Union #Brussels #Starbucks Corp #Apple, Inc.

Sep 22, 2014

Workers can expect double income tax cut in Budget

WORKING families can expect a double reduction in their income tax under plans being considered by Finance Minister Michael Noonan. It is expected workers will be able to earn more before they enter the top rate of tax, combined with a reduction to t... #Michael Noonan (politician) #Irish Independent #Enda Kenny #Fine Gael #Richard Bruton (politician) #Labour Party (Ireland)

Sep 16, 2014

Corporation tax faces OECD test

The much-maligned corporation tax is facing its stiffest test after a world recognised think-tank set out far-reaching reforms to halt aggressive tax avoidance by big business. The Paris-based OECD launched the first major international shift towards... #Paris #OECD #Google Inc. #Michael Noonan (politician)

Oct 01, 2014

David Cameron 'wants our jobs', says Micheal Martin

FIANNA Fail leader Micheal Martin has accused David Cameron of "lecturing Ireland" in a bid to get our Apple jobs. He was responding to comments by the British Prime Minister in which he said the problem with the tax regime here was not just that it ... #Paris #OECD #Google Inc. #Michael Noonan (politician)