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Aug 19, 2014

Haim Parodies Tabloid Talk Shows With ‘My Song 5′ Video

Kesha, Big Sean, Grimes and others show up as wel... #Kesha #Vampire Weekend

Aug 01, 2014

LeAnn Rimes reconnects with estranged father, sings 'Jesus Loves Me'

Forget about the endless parade of bikinis, the Twitter wars, the tabloid scandals: On the third episode of VH1’s “semi-scripted” reality series, “LeAnn & Eddie,” Ms. Rimes reminded everyone why she became famous in the first place– her soulful voice... #LeAnn Rimes #VH1

Aug 05, 2014

Tallulah Willis: Tabloids drove her 'down to like 95 pounds'

Tallulah Willis , the 20-year-old daughter of  Bruce Willis  and  Demi Moore , stripped down to her bra and panties to talk about her struggle with body dysmorphia... #Demi Moore #Bruce Willis #Tallulah Willis #New York Post

Aug 27, 2014

Jennifer Aniston: I don't need to have kids

Jennifer Aniston is fighting back against all the constant tabloid speculation surrounding her personal life... #Demi Moore #Bruce Willis #Tallulah Willis #New York Post

Aug 01, 2014

Newser Jay Maeder dead at 67

When Jay Maeder was researching a story on the 1928 shooting of renowned crooked gambler Arnold Rothstein, he hit upon the quintessential tabloid epitaph. “Death: The One Game He Couldn't Fix.” Maeder loved it. Unfortunately, Maeder couldn't fix that... #Demi Moore #Bruce Willis #Tallulah Willis #New York Post

Aug 27, 2014

Kate Bush: Before the Dawn  reviews roundup

From tabloid to broadsheet, the critics were unanimous in their awe at Kate Bushs return to the stage after 35 years Continue reading..... #Demi Moore #Bruce Willis #Tallulah Willis #New York Post

Aug 06, 2014

Andy Coulson accused of perjury after allegedly making false claims under oath as witness at former MSP Tommy Sheridan's trial

Coulson was editor of the News of the World in 2004 when the tabloid reported Tommy Sheridan had visited a sex club and cheated on his wife Gail... #Tommy Sheridan #News of the World

Aug 06, 2014

The CDC's Ebola Catch-Up Game

As an extraordinarily secure isolation ward in Atlanta received its second Ebola victim Tuesday, New Yorkers awoke to tabloid headlines screaming about a possible third case of Ebola in America. A patient had presented to Mount Sinai with fever and a... #Barack Obama #Africa

Aug 13, 2014

Rita Ora: Calvin Harris blocked Teen Choice Award performance

Singer says ex-boyfriend Harris owns the rights to I Will Never Let You Down, and didnt approve her appearance at the recent US award show Rita Ora: all-conquering queen of the tabloids Continue reading..... #Barack Obama #Africa

Aug 28, 2014

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie married in France

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Hollywood's first couple, married in France over the weekend following a two-year engagement, ending nearly a decade of fevered tabloid speculation over whether "Brangelina" would ever tie the knot... #Brad Pitt #Angelina Jolie #Hollywood