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Suspicious bag

Suspicious bag

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Sep 11, 2014

Suspicious bag closes section of Madison Road

Police closed part of Madison Road on Thursday to investigate a suspicious object...

Sep 11, 2014

Security stepped up at South Fla. airports on 9/11

Miami International Airport is among many airports across the nation that are taking extra precautions on the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. Multi-agency checkpoints have been set up to check cars traveling into MIA at random. Authorities ar... #Miami International Airport #Transportation Security Administration

Aug 29, 2014

A race to get gated: Does it really cut down on crime?

Thousands of demonstrators in New York sing the words, "We are all one," while raising their fingers and images of teen Trayvon Martin who was shot dead by a neighbourhood watch coordinator in a gated community in Florida DAUBED "Millionaire's Row" w... #Florida #Dublin, Ireland #Robbie Keane #Westlife #Celtic FC #Republic of Ireland national football team

Aug 21, 2014

Black Mirror returns and Morrissey whimpers - today's pop culture LIVE

Come in and join the GCSE results day party. We will be celebrating, not by packing our bags with fizzy pop for Reading fest, but by dishing out your usual helping of pop culture content. Hallelujah! There will be new music, honorary degrees, TV teas... #Madame Tussaud's #Bristol #Antonio Banderas #Dennis Hopper #Reading Football Club

Aug 19, 2014

Dublin’s cheapest single bedrooms for under €300

Searching for affordable accommodation in Dublin is a difficult task being faced by many students this week and if you’re not up for having a roommate and student digs aren’t your bag, it can be even more overwhelming. While single bedrooms for less ... #Madame Tussaud's #Bristol #Antonio Banderas #Dennis Hopper #Reading Football Club

Aug 19, 2014

First Poster For Stephen Daldry's Trash

A first look at the adaptation of Andy Mulligan's novel Andy Mulligan's novel Trash was a hit on release in 2010, shortlisted for the prestigious Carnegie Award for children's books. Now Stephen Daldry has turned it into a film, and here's the first ... #Martin Sheen #Richard Curtis #Stephen Daldry #Rooney Mara #Wagner Moura