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Supreme Court of Pakistan

Supreme Court of Pakistan

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Aug 15, 2014

Pakistan Supreme Court Issues Warning as Protesters March on Capital

Pakistan's Supreme Court warned against any breach of the constitution, as a demonstration bound for the capital aiming to end the administration of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, came under stone-throwing assault by supporters of the government... #Pakistan #Nawaz Sharif

Aug 29, 2014

The World in Brief

Pakistani protesters agree to mediator ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan's military has stepped in to mediate between the government and opposition protesters who have camped out in the capital for two weeks demanding the resignation of the prime minister over a... #China #Pakistan #Bangkok #Mohammad Asif #Nawaz Sharif #Abhisit Vejjajiva

Aug 26, 2014

SC's verdict on vacating Constitution Avenue not for PTI: Imran Khan

Islamabad, Aug 26: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Inran Khan on Tuesday said the verdict of the Supreme Court to vacate the Constitution Avenue was not for his party. Speaking to an Indian news channel, the cricketer-turned-politician said t... #Pakistan #Islamabad

Aug 25, 2014

Canadian cleric gives Pakistan PM deadline: ‘I am ready to be martyred’

ISLAMABAD—A Pakistani cleric leading a mass anti-government rally in front of parliament issued a 48-hour deadline Monday for the country’s prime minister to step down, saying he’s prepared to die to see it happen. More on Pakistan protes... #Pakistan #Islamabad #Lahore #Nawaz Sharif #Imran Khan