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super-rich tax

super-rich tax

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Aug 24, 2014

Stop picking passengers' pockets and bring trains back under public control

British rail fares, already the highest in Europe, are set to become higher still. This is a poll tax on wheels For 30 years, privatisation of public assets has been portrayed as an easy win-win. The state gets a much-needed one-off boost to its reve... #Europe #United Kingdom #Richard Branson #Brian Souter

Aug 21, 2014

The Future Of Attack Ads Is An Endless Loop Of Loony Billionaires Yelling At Each Other

Terrible political attack ads used to be so simple. Time was you could forget to press forward on your TiVo and accidentally catch some dire-sounding voice-over narrator telling you that "Candidate X says he's for improving education for everyone in ... #Iowa City, IA #Tom Harkin #TiVo Inc. #Bruce L Braley #Bruce Braley