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Aug 17, 2014

Tests show British king Richard III drank wine to relieve stress of leadership

It is not just modern-life which causes stress. Tests on the body of the 15th century British king Richard III showed that he downed a bottle of wine to relieve the pressures of being leader...

Aug 09, 2014

Genetic Biomarker Identified That May Predict Suicide Risk

Investigators from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have identified a unique modification to a gene linked to stress reactions that may potentially lead in the near future to a blood test to evaluate a person’s risk of attempting suicide...

Aug 08, 2014

Bar exam software snafu sparks multiple lawsuits

Woe be to the software vendor who aggravates the mental status of recent law school grads. A number of aspiring attorneys have filed lawsuits seeking class-action status and millions of dollars in damages against software maker ExamSoft after a serie...