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stress test

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Jun 26, 2014

Mortgages worth 4.5 times wages to be limited as Bank of England moves to cool the housing market

Families will also face a new 'interest rate stress test' to make sure they could cope with a sudden rise in monthly repayments if rates went up to 3 per cent...

Jul 04, 2014

What's so good about hard work? I vote for a fixed, three-day weekend for all

The suggestion by one of Britain's top doctors that we should switch to a four-day working week is undeniably appealing, and there are plenty of good precedents for it. Could it ever happen? Professor John Ashton, president of the UK Faculty of Publi... #Europe #United Kingdom

Jul 22, 2014

Hair Heroes: Four ways to treat your frazzled locks

The tried and tested products and remedies to treat tired and damaged hair. We all know that everything from the sun to the sea can causes damaged, stressed out hair and at no time of year is this more apparent than during summer. A quick “how to tre... #Morocco #Google Inc.