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Sep 14, 2014

Startup Wars: UC Santa Barbara Beats Wharton And Harvard

Want to be an entrepreneur? Don't go to Wharton or Harvard. Instead, grab your surfboard and head to UC Santa Barbara...

Sep 12, 2014

New Crop Of Startups Shows 'Media' No Longer A Bad Word For Investors

Six of the latest startups to come out of Matter, a San Francisco-based media accelerator, are generating interest among venture firms...

Sep 15, 2014

Microsoft Buys 'Minecraft' for $2.5 Billion

Microsoft is buying the maker of the hit videogame "Minecraft" for $2.5 billion, but the startup's founders and top executives won't be joining the software giant...

Sep 14, 2014

8 Books Every New Entrepreneur Should Read

In this, perhaps, Golden Age of technology entrepreneurship, Peter Thiel can rest assured he will find an eager audience for his new book, ZERO TO ONE: Notes on startups, Or How to Build the Future (apparently he couldn’t decide). Thiel, who turns 47... #Peter Thiel #PayPal

Sep 15, 2014

Unbreakable Smartphones And Better TVs? Silicon Valley's Quiet $110M Startup Could Make Them Both Reality

Startup Kateeva announced a $38 million funding round led by Samsung as it seeks to bring its new machines for the manufacture of OLED displays to market. Kateeva's technology can enable everything from flexible, unbreakable smartphones to large OLED... #Silicon Valley #Samsung

Sep 12, 2014

Why You Need To Startup In Europe, But Scale Up In The U.S.

Europe offers the perfect breeding ground for startups to prove themselves as viable businesses, but to achieve fast growth, companies should turn to the U.S., says Stephan von Perger, a German venture capitalist... #Silicon Valley #Samsung

Sep 11, 2014

5 Small Business Success Secrets That Work For Big Business

One of the joys of running a small agency is that we get to work for all kinds of clients from the very small (literally Mom and Pop startups) to the massive (Ford, Chase, 3M)... #Silicon Valley #Samsung

Sep 08, 2014

Startups, Exits, And Ecosystem Flux In Software And Biotech

The world is awash in cool new tech startups and poised for “A Cambrian Moment”, according to a recent special report from the Economist. For those that haven’t read it, it’s a very interesting set of articles about the trends shaping venture formati... #Silicon Valley #Samsung

Sep 08, 2014 launches $100 million venture capital fund

While has been an active investor in startup companies for years, it’s taking these efforts to the next level with its first dedicated venture capital fund. The Salesforce1 Fund will initially invest US$100 million in emerging companie... #Silicon Valley #Samsung

Sep 14, 2014

Detroit Needs Talented People ... and It's Getting Them

In 2012, a dozen smart, enterprising recent college graduates moved to Detroit. They were Venture For America Fellows, assigned to local startups to gain experience and contribute energy to Detroit’s revival... #Silicon Valley #Samsung