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Jul 29, 2014

For Software Makers Powering Designs At Fashion Houses, China's The Next Big Market

The fall collections at Marc Jabobs and Christian Louboutin don't seem to have much to do with software. But with thousands of different items on line, often different from one region to another, the big business of fashion needs to be more automated... #China #Nike #Silicon Valley #Christian Louboutin #Tommy Hilfiger

Jul 29, 2014

Startups To Watch: Where Are They Now?

At the end of last year, I highlighted several start-ups to watch, notable for their access-based business models.  With a little more than half of 2014 already behind us, I wanted to check back in on these companies to hear more about how they’ve be... #China #Nike #Silicon Valley #Christian Louboutin #Tommy Hilfiger

Jul 29, 2014

What San Francisco's Startup Scene Is Really Like

For entrepreneurs, there really is no place like Silicon Valley. For many years as an Australian living between Beijing and Sydney, I have read, heard or watched a lot about it; but it was only recently that I actually experienced it... #Beijing #Sydney #Silicon Valley

Jul 29, 2014

Calif. Airbnb squatters have history of startup scams, milked $40G out of Kickstarter donors: report

Maksym and Denys Pashanin hit the headlines last week after it emerged they'd allegedly exploited state tenant laws to secure months of free rent. Now, it's being claimed that the pair have managed to milk almost $40,000 out of naive Kickstarter dono... #Beijing #Sydney #Silicon Valley

Jul 29, 2014

Driving Corporate Innovation: Design Thinking vs. Customer Development

Startups re not smaller versions of large companies, but interestingly we see that companies are not larger versions of startups... #Beijing #Sydney #Silicon Valley

Jul 27, 2014

Revving Up Google's Connected Car

Jeff Chen likes being early with new technology, as seen with his startup CLZ Concepts. After all, the company was a pioneer in social games for Facebook (FB).  After quickly building up a user base of over 20 million, Chen would then sell the firm t... #Google Inc. #Facebook #Zynga

Jul 29, 2014

The Hottest Startups Of 2013

It can be difficult to measure the impact of a startup; trickier still is defining the term. With the help of expert judges, we have brought together a list of nine U.S.-based startups that made an impact this year. Meet the new, innovative companies... #Google Inc. #Facebook #Zynga

Jul 29, 2014

Flexibility, asking questions key for recent college graduates looking to advance in IT

When Cathy Lee started working at New York startup Faith Street last year, she quickly learned a lesson that could benefit other recent college graduates who want to advance their IT careers—soft skills like being flexible, taking on new tasks and as... #Google Inc. #Facebook #Zynga

Jul 25, 2014

Miami-Based SportsManias Scores $3.5 Million In Series A Funding

Mobile startup for die-hard sports fans raises $3.5 million in Series A funding, which adds to the $1 million investment it previously received... #Google Inc. #Facebook #Zynga

Jul 25, 2014

Want To Be The Next Uber? Here's How To Start A 'Marketplace' Business

Imitation is the finest form of flattery. And boy, oh boy, does the startup community take it to the extreme. When something works in one industry, there’s a mad gold rush to replicate it in any every single other... #Google Inc. #Facebook #Zynga