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Aug 20, 2014

Argentina in latest debt default crisis pits 'motherland' against 'vultures'

President Kirchner is bearing down on a US ruling that benefits just a few bond-holders, but critics say her economic policies are anyway 'leading nowhere' Happy hour is now in full swing at The Temple Bar, a busy British-style pub in the upscale Pal... #Buenos Aires #United States #Argentina #Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Aug 13, 2014

Argentina defies contempt threat from US judge in debt default case

Judge had ordered Argentina to stop claiming it was not in default, in case with group of investors seeking repayment Argentina came out swinging on Wednesday against the US judge overseeing its debt default case, defying a threatened contempt order ... #United States #Argentina

Aug 29, 2014

Russian recession risk at record high as further sanctions loom

The chance of Russia's economy tipping into a recession is rising as the escalating crisis in Ukraine raises the risk of the government in Moscow retaliating with further import bans, according to a survey of analysts. The probability of a recession ... #European Union #Vladimir Putin #United Nations #Lithuania #Petro Poroshenko #Swedbank #Bloomberg

Aug 25, 2014

Let's end this madness in the global debt system

Argentina's debt default imposed by US Judge Thomas Griesa and his earlier court rulings in favour of vulture funds NML Capital and Aurelius, will have enormous ramifications for the global debt system . The ruling effectively declares that the right... #Europe #Barack Obama #US State Department #International Monetary Fund #Paul Singer

Aug 22, 2014

World’s biggest wealth fund takes focus off emerging markets

Norway’s €663bn sovereign wealth fund, the world’s largest, is slowing its expansion into emerging markets as it scales back a two-year mission to tap into the fastest growing markets. “We are gradually picking up some new markets but at a less rapid... #Norway #European Union #China #Europe #Oslo, Norway

Aug 14, 2014

Argentina brands bondholders an 'international mafia'

HEDGE funds suing Argentina over its 2002 debt default are an "international mafia" out to wreck the country's finances, the government said yesterday, pumping up the rhetoric in a battle that is squeezing the struggling Argentine economy. With its p... #Buenos Aires #Elliott Management #Patagonia (region)

Aug 05, 2014

Argentina launches investigation following its latest default

Argentina's markets watchdog has launched an investigation into what it believes may have been unlawful speculation by holdout creditors whose litigation against the country for repayment of their defaulted bonds pushed it into a new default last wee... #Buenos Aires #Elliott Management #Patagonia (region)

Aug 05, 2014

Caretaker Government Faces “Raft of Problems” - Reuters

The caretaker government of law professor Georgi Bliznashki appointed on Tuesday “inherits raft of problems to sort out”, Reuters noted in its coverage of the news. According to Reuters, the most pressing problem facing the caretaker cabinet is “the ... #Bulgaria #Commercial Bank