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Jun 18, 2014

BOJ Is Biggest Holder of Japan-Issued Debt

The Bank of Japan has become the biggest holder of the country's sovereign debt for the first time, showing how the central bank's aggressive monetary easing has transformed the bond market...

Jul 11, 2014

Eurozone crisis: markets jittery on Portugal bank fears

Mixed day for Asian stocks, European investors expected to remain wary. Burberry to face shareholder anger over £20m executive pay deal Construction data in the UK awaited Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the world economy, the fi... #European Union #Europe #European Monetary Union

Jul 09, 2014

Mike Dolan: Scoping the new subprime as watchdogs cry property 'bubble'

As global watchdogs warn that euphoric financial markets are divorced from economic reality and acting out some reprise of the credit bubble and bust of the past decade, fears of another subprime timebomb are inevitable. But even if you believe anoth... #European Union #Europe #European Monetary Union

Jul 12, 2014

Portugal steps back from Irish-style bank collapse

A BANK scare in Portugal that was eerily reminiscent of the beginning of Ireland's own banking sector collapse has sent ripples of concern throughout Europe. Stock markets around the world only steadied yesterday after the Portuguese government and c... #Europe #Lisbon #Dublin, Ireland #Investec

Jul 08, 2014

Europe's stocks, periphery's bonds dip as banks fined, QE hopes dim

Europe's main stock indices and lower-rated government bonds slipped today amid reports of new U.S. fines for banks and dimming prospects the European Central Bank will launch an asset- purchase programme. Wall Street was expected to start down 0.1 p... #Europe #European Central Bank #BNP Paribas #Deutsche Bank #FTSE #Wall Street #Mario Draghi #New York Times Company #Alcoa, Inc. #Commerzbank

Jul 08, 2014

What Is the Purpose of the ECB?

Main pivot, insuring alone the survival of the euro, without any assistance from the EU's executive bodies, the European Central Bank (ECB) is today obliged to do exactly the opposite of what is set out by the Treaties: lending to States in order to ... #European Union #European Central Bank

Jul 02, 2014

NTMA completes bond swap and buy-back to smooth funding

THE state’s debt management agency completed a bond swap and buy-back aimed at cutting the cost of servicing the national debt. The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) bought just under €1.08bn worth of a 4.6pc 2016 Treasury Bond on an outrigh... #Morgan Stanley #United States Department of the Treasury

Jun 21, 2014

ECB will get more radical to fight slump risk – Noonan

THE European Central Bank (ECB) is likely to take even more radical measures in an attempt to fight a threat of Japan-style deflation, Finance Minister Michael Noonan has said. Earlier this month the ECB cut interest rates to a record low and launche... #European Central Bank #Michael Noonan (politician) #Luxembourg #Frankfurt #International Monetary Fund #Mario Draghi #Christine Lagarde

Jun 19, 2014

Argentina: Default Looms, Next Bond Payment 'Impossible'

By Hugh Bronstein and Joseph Ax BUENOS AIRES/NEW YORK, June 18 (Reuters) - Payment of bond service due on June 30 in New York has been made "impossible" by Wednesday's lifting of a stay by a U.S. federal court, Argentina's economy ministry said on We... #European Central Bank #Michael Noonan (politician) #Luxembourg #Frankfurt #International Monetary Fund #Mario Draghi #Christine Lagarde

Jun 17, 2014

S&P downgrades Argentina's credit rating

Standard & Poor's has cut Argentina's credit rating, saying the country was more likely to default after the US Supreme Court rejected its appeal to avoid paying certain bond investors. The American credit rating agency said on Tueday that the do... #Supreme Court of the United States #Paul Singer