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Jul 12, 2014

Social entrepreneurship in Detroit offers more than profit to business owners

There is a growing number of Detroit business ventures concerned with more than simply making products and earning profits, and their success is equally as important to Detroit's future as that of traditional businesses. They're called "social enterp...

Jul 25, 2014

Which Soft Skills Does An Entrepreneur Need?

"Doors opened. Opportunities evolved. Law, institutions, and corporations moved forward. Many minds did not." -- Anna Quindlen "I really believe that everyone has a talent, ability, or skill that he can mine to support himself and to succeed in life.... #Anna Quindlen #Dean Koontz

Jul 18, 2014

Young African leaders visit Texas

Twenty-five young leaders from Africa are visiting Texas this week through a partnership with the University of Texas. They are here for an entrepreneurship training course taught by UTSA senior lecturer Anita Leffel. The program is part of the Obama... #Texas #Barack Obama #Africa #Anita #University of Texas #The University of Texas at San Antonio

Jul 17, 2014

"Social Entrepreneurship Storytelling": Website Turns Lorem Ipsum Into Do-Gooder Jargon

The designers at Hyperakt turn an inside joke into a design tool. "Amplify, rural compassion social good, Angelina Jolie truth inspire breakthroughs collaborative consumption." Read Full Stor... #Texas #Barack Obama #Africa #Anita #University of Texas #The University of Texas at San Antonio

Jul 16, 2014

Socially Conscious Cashmere (#ArtofY)

Ever been to the cashmere farms of the Gobi Desert and thought, "I can create a symbiotic business with the herders?" That's the story behind Diederik Rijsemus and Matthew Scanlan's founding of Naadam, a men's knitwear company that's releasing its fi... #Texas #Barack Obama #Africa #Anita #University of Texas #The University of Texas at San Antonio