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Jul 09, 2014

Silver says Heat 'created something special'

The NBA commissioner also said he was a fan of Jay Z... #Jennifer Lopez #Kate Hudson #Nina Dobrev

Jul 06, 2014

ArtsBeat: London Theater Journal: Two Wars, With Song and Sentiment

Reflections on the revival of “Miss Saigon,” Sean O’Casey’s seldom-seen “The Silver Tassie” and Peter Brook’s latest offering, “The Valley of Astonishment.... #London #Saigon

Jul 07, 2014

Trial lawyers spend big bucks to keep large paydays

ALBANY — As Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver collected big bucks from a law firm last year, state trial lawyers spent a record amount lobbying against proposed legal reforms that would limit large paydays for attorneys. Organizations representing tria... #London #Saigon

Jul 03, 2014

Louis Zamperini dies: A 2014 interview with the 'Unbroken' war hero

Juvenile delinquent, track star, Olympian, war hero — Louis Zamperini lived a life that seemed like something out of a movie. Fittingly, his story will finally come to the silver screen later this year in the Angelina Jolie-directed drama "Unbroken,"... #London #Saigon

Jul 04, 2014

Can Leehom Wang transcend China and America's pop cultures?

Clad in a red-and-silver outfit that looks part Iron Man, part Michael Jackson, Leehom Wang soars via high wires over a sea of frenzied fans and onto the stage of Beijing's iconic Bird's Nest stadium... #China #Beijing #Michael Jackson #Iron Man

Jul 09, 2014

July 9: Fireworks, Sheldon Silver and street sweepers

Brooklyn: The Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks were the best ever... #China #Beijing #Michael Jackson #Iron Man

Jul 04, 2014

Expose Silver’s secrets

So, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver pulled down as much as $750,000 as a personal-injury attorney last year while having no law office, never appearing in court and seeming to work full-time on state business... #China #Beijing #Michael Jackson #Iron Man

Jul 07, 2014

LOVETT: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver invested in Halliburton; De Blasio helps raise half a million for Democrats

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has a stock portfolio worth up to $2.5 million — including a small investment in a company that is virtually synonymous with Republican fund-raising and policymaking... #Halliburton #Sheldon Silver

Jul 10, 2014

Prince William on His First Year of Fatherhood: Family Life Is My 'Silver Lining'

The prince tells orphaned brothers that wife Kate and son George help heal the pain of losing his mom at 1... #Halliburton #Sheldon Silver