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Sep 01, 2014

ArtsBeat: ‘Masters of Sex’ Recap: Interventions on Several Fronts

Bill, Virginia and Libby stop watching, and start acting... #Virginia #Showtime

Sep 02, 2014

CeeLo Green shocks with controversial rape tweet following drug charge

Grammy-winning singer CeeLo Green has shocked fans with a series of since-deleted tweets in which he argued that sex with an unconscious person cannot be classed as rape... #Virginia #Showtime

Sep 02, 2014

Russia's sex geckos freeze to death in space: officials

Russia's space sex geckos — five lizards blasted into orbit so scientists could study how they reproduce without gravity — returned to Earth Monday, apparently frozen to death... #Virginia #Showtime

Sep 01, 2014

Bill feeling impotent about treating sexual dysfunction on 'Masters of Sex'

In an episode that examines the psychology of sexual dysfunction, an old friend from Bill’s past threatens to reveal a long-held secret while Gini gets overwhelmed trying to treat a patient on her own... #Virginia #Showtime

Sep 01, 2014

False idols come in many guises: Column

They can be sex, power, money and, yes, even children. Just ask Walter White... #Virginia #Showtime

Aug 28, 2014

Ga. siblings had sex after watching ‘The Notebook’: police

Two Georgia siblings admitted to police they had sex three times in a tractor trailer parked outside a church after watching “The Notebook,” cops said... #Virginia #Showtime

Sep 01, 2014

'Masters of Sex' recap: Researchers go from observing to healing

Rather than just study human sexual response, researchers at the Masters and Johnson Clinic enter the realm of treatment on “Mirror, Mirror,” Episode 208 of Showtime’s “Masters of Sex.... #Virginia #Showtime

Aug 29, 2014

God loves sex, Pennsylvania church promises in controversial billboard

A Pennsylvania church is hoping to fill its pews with the enticing promise: God loves sex... #Virginia #Showtime

Sep 01, 2014

Financial Questions Remain For LGBT Couples More Than A Year After DOMA Decision

When the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act last summer it gave married same-sex couples access to most of the federal rights that married heterosexual couples enjoy but not necessarily state rights... #Virginia #Showtime

Aug 30, 2014

Fake California cop busted in rape of exotic dancer: police

He’s no cop — he’s a pervert. A sex offender, posing as an undercover officer, raped an exotic dancer before leading the real police on a wild chase through Southern California, authorities said... #Virginia #Showtime