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Security risks

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Jul 29, 2014

Hackers And E-Criminals Want Your E-Data: WePay Expert Sounds Off

As more and more transactions take place online and on mobile devices, companies are spending buckets of time trying to make sure their clients money-matters are secure. One of those toiling in the e-commerce and online payment world is WePay. The co... #Forbes Magazine #WePay

Jul 28, 2014

Virtual servers still face real security threats

Don’t let the word “virtual” in virtual servers fool you. You’re the only one who knows it’s virtual. From the perspective of the virtual server itself, the devices connected to it, applications running on it, end-users connecting to it, or security ... #Forbes Magazine #WePay

Jul 23, 2014

Citigroup Settlement's Fine Print: Government Housing Hubris

The $7 billion Citigroup  settlement with the Department of Justice, the largest civil fraud penalty in U.S history, has rightfully drawn criticism for failing to compensate the alleged victims of the bank’s pre-financial crisis mortgage securitizati... #Forbes Magazine #WePay