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Jul 14, 2014

OnePlus One review: You're in control with this ultra-affordable phone

There’s a utopian idea behind the OnePlus One: Offer a phone powered by the latest hardware and featuring a wealth of carrier options without any carrier restrictions. If that doesn’t grab you, the price tag might—it’s $300 for an off-contract 16GB m... #Samsung #HTC Corporation

Jul 11, 2014

Waterproof Tech for a Day at the Beach or Pool

Tech and water usually don’t mix. But if you’re heading to the beach or pool this summer, there’s no need to unplug completely. From the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone to the Panasonic Lumix camera (below), there have never been so many great waterproo... #Samsung #HTC Corporation

Jul 11, 2014

Samsung gives its app store a makeover with a focus on Galaxy devices

Samsung Electronics has updated and rebranded its app store, in an apparent bid to cut into Google’s revenue from its Play store for apps running on Android devices. The new Samsung Galaxy Apps store has “hundreds of apps” exclusively available to us... #Samsung #Samsung Electronics #Google Inc.

Jul 01, 2014

Small-screen spec showdown: Samsung Galaxy S5 mini vs. HTC One mini 2

The battle between shrunken flagship smartphones is heating up with the arrival of the Galaxy S5 mini, which will go head-to-head with HTC’s One mini 2. Read: Samsung introduces the shrunk-down (but still sensor-packed) Galaxy S5 mini Samsung Electro... #Samsung #Samsung Electronics #HTC Corporation

Jul 01, 2014

Samsung's S5 mini: Slimmer and slower than S5, but still scans fingerprints

The Galaxy S5 mini will still have the fingerprint scanner, heart-rate monitor and waterproofing of its bigger brother, but its quad-core processor will run slower and its screen will, of course, be smaller. Samsung Electronics unveiled the S5 mini o... #Samsung #Samsung Electronics

Jul 01, 2014

Samsung's introduces the shrunk-down (but still sensor-packed) Galaxy S5 mini

There's no U.S. date yet, but the S5 mini is rolling out in global markets to the coming weeks... #Samsung #Samsung Electronics

Jun 24, 2014

Galaxy Tab S review: The screen's the thing with this iPad rival

Samsung’s tablet lineup can feel a bit crowded—it already offers Tab and Note devices, each with its own Pro version. And the Galaxy Tab S announced earlier this month adds another tablet to the mix. Good thing, then, that the Tab S 8.4 and 10.5 are ... #Samsung #Samsung Electronics

Jun 18, 2014

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 update enables Wi-Fi calling

OTA update set to begin its roll out today... #Samsung #Samsung Electronics

Jun 18, 2014

Galaxy S5 gets QHD display and latest Snapdragon processor, but only in South Korea

Samsung Electronics has launched a new version of the Galaxy S5 with an upgraded screen and faster processor, but for now it is only available in South Korea. The launch of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone back in February was preceded by an aval... #Samsung #Samsung Electronics

Jun 18, 2014

Samsung trademarks 'Gear VR' as reports of Galaxy-focused virtual reality headset swirl

Samsung has filed for a “Gear VR” trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office , in the latest sign that the electronics giant is planning a virtual reality headset. Previous reports by Engadget have claimed that Samsung is working with Oculus... #Samsung #Patent and Trademark Office