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Sep 11, 2014

Terrifying 'swimming dinosaur' unearthed: Fossils of 97-million-year-old Spinosaurus reveal giant predator ate sharks whole

The discovery was made from fossils dug up in the Moroccan Sahara, which show that the Spinosaurus was the first dinosaur to have been adapted to an aquatic lifestyle...

Sep 11, 2014

Scientists Identify First Swimming Dinosaur

A rich horde of fossils from the Sahara has revealed that the largest known predator to ever walk the earth was also a superb swimmer, overturning the view that dinosaurs were terrestrial beasts...

Sep 16, 2014

Islamists bankrolled by large-scale African drug-smuggling operation

Militant groups paying west African drivers up to £8,600 to transport cocaine to Europe under noses of UN peacekeepers Islamist groups in northern Mali are paying local drivers to smuggle drugs and migrants across the desert for shipment to Europe, a... #United Nations #Europe #Al-Qaeda #Mali #Africa

Sep 18, 2014

Is the Sahara desert TWICE as old as we thought? Climate simulations suggest it may have formed 7 million years ago

Research led by the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research in Bergen, Norway suggests the age of the Sahara desert (shown) is double previous estimates... #United Nations #Europe #Al-Qaeda #Mali #Africa

Sep 18, 2014

Las Vegs police: 1 shot in attempted robbery

A person is hospitalized after being shot by an attempted robber Wednesday night near West Sahara Avenue and South Valley View Boulevard, Las Vegas police said... #United Nations #Europe #Al-Qaeda #Mali #Africa

Sep 08, 2014 | Jailed tycoon granted 15 days to sell hotels

The jailed chief of India's Sahara conglomerate has won 15 days from the Supreme Court to negotiate the sale of his group's trophy overseas hotels... #United Nations #Europe #Al-Qaeda #Mali #Africa

Sep 13, 2014

Club Scene: All the action from the All-Ireland League

Game of the weekend: Clontarf v Young Munster, Castle Avenue, 2.30pm All eyes will be on Clontarf this season as they bid to become the first side in nine years to retain the Division 1A title. Clontarf will have been relieved to keep hold of the ser... #Edinburgh #Martin Kelly #Munster Rugby #Leinster Rugby

Sep 17, 2014

Glass bottles no longer allowed on Las Vegas Strip

The Clark County Commission voted today to ban glass bottles on the Las Vegas Strip to prevent them from being used as weapons and to cut down on litter. The measure prohibits anyone from carrying an open beverage in a glass container on Las Vegas Bo... #Edinburgh #Martin Kelly #Munster Rugby #Leinster Rugby

Sep 11, 2014

Skeleton of Spinosaurus, largest-known carnivorous dinosaur, unveiled

Brooks Hays CHICAGO, Sept. 11 (UPI) -- A new skeleton, pieced together with bones from the sands of the Sahara desert, confirms the existence of the world's first semiaquatic dinosaur -- Spinosaurus... #Edinburgh #Martin Kelly #Munster Rugby #Leinster Rugby

Sep 11, 2014

Giant predatory dinosaur Spinosaurus was scourge of prehistoric rivers

Fossil remains found in Morocco add to evidence that huge meat-eating Spinosaurus spent most of its time in water The largest predatory dinosaur ever found terrorised the water more than the land, according to remarkable fossils dug up in the Morocca... #Morocco #Africa