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Jul 28, 2014

Samsung delays launch of Tizen smartphone

Samsung Electronics said Monday that it would postpone the release of its first smartphone running the Tizen OS, the Samsung Z, which was set to launch first in Russia. The delay does not bode well for the company’s attempt to move away from its heav... #Samsung #Samsung Electronics #Google Inc. #Apple, Inc.

Jul 17, 2014

Russian Reliance on Chinese Loans May Blunt the Impact of U.S. Sanctions

Energy companies form the backbone of the Russian economy, and they increasingly turn to China when they need cheap capital... #China #Gazprom #Rosneft

Jul 15, 2014

Overreliance on the NSA led to weak crypto standard, NIST advisers find

The National Institute of Standards and Technology needs to hire more cryptographers and improve its collaboration with the industry and academia, reducing its reliance on the U.S. National Security Agency for decisions around cryptographic standards... #China #Gazprom #Rosneft

Jul 15, 2014

5 apps that will make Windows users feel at home on a Mac

Switching to a Mac can be a challenge—even if your reliance on an Apple computer is only part time.  And while the chasm between Windows and Mac OS computers and their devotees remains deep and wide, bridges between the two camps are more readily ava... #China #Gazprom #Rosneft

Jul 28, 2014

Commonwealth Games 2014: day five live!

Live updates from all the action in Glasgow Email Sarah Adlington loses gold medal in x-ray machine Not just fun, says English cylcing's Shane Sutton Take a look at today's highlights and schedule And keep an eye ... #Scotland #Glasgow #Saurav Ghosal #London #India #Singapore #Hampden Park

Jul 22, 2014

Greenberg: We must become a 'fishier' nation

The United States should be a very fishy country. In all, we control 2.8 billion acres of ocean, more than any other nation. Despite all that ocean, nearly 90 percent of the seafood Americans eat comes from abroad. It gets fishier still: While the ma... #Thailand #Southeast Asia

Jul 25, 2014

Apple's new sapphire screens for iPhone 6 will be made with solar power

Solar manufacturing facility in Arizona just one part of technology company's wide-ranging plan to green its act The skies are threatening to pour on the Apple solar farm but as the woman in-charge of the companys environmental initiatives points out... #China #Arizona #North Carolina #United States

Jul 18, 2014

All About Spay Neuter Inc. in Massapequa closed for code violations

The Town of Oyster Bay has closed a popular Massapequa cat shelter for code violations, after a neighboring business complained about odors from the site. A town code enforcement officer on Thursday issued All About Spay Neuter Inc. a notice to immed... #John Venditto #Merrick, NY

Jul 21, 2014

Police force spends £25m on switch to technology-led crime-fighting

West Midlands chief constable says move away from random patrols is 'most radical transformation of policing' ever One of Britain's largest police forces is to pay a private firm £25m in an attempt to radically reform the way it fights crime, switchi... #John Venditto #Merrick, NY

Jul 03, 2014

Belgium plot to stop Lionel Messi show in Argentina World Cup 2014 quarter-final

Belgium plan to exploit Argentina’s over-reliance on Lionel Messi when the two nations meet in Brasilia on Saturday in the World Cup quarter-finals... #Belgium #Argentina national football team