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protests in Delhi

protests in Delhi

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Aug 22, 2014

India blocks film on Indira Gandhi assassination

NEW DELHI (AP) — India has blocked the release of a film on the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, saying it glorifies her killers and could trigger violent protests, offici... #India #New Delhi #Indira Gandhi

Aug 21, 2014

Army called in after deadly India violence

Army troops have enforced a curfew in border districts of India's northeastern Assam state following violence that has left dozen dead and more than 10,000 people displaced. Shops and businesses were closed in Golaghat town, where three people were k... #India #New Delhi #Narendra Modi #Assam #Nagaland

Aug 12, 2014

India's PM visits disputed Kashmir zone

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has travelled to the disputed area of Kashmir, where he will become the first high-ranking political leader in 15 years to visit the Siachen glacier - dubbed the world's highest battlefield. The visit on Tuesday c... #India #New Delhi #Pakistan #Islamabad #Narendra Modi #Leh, Ladakh

Aug 05, 2014

Anger brews in Kashmir over lake pilgrimage

Srinagar, India-administered Kashmir - Perched at 3,600m above sea level in the snow-capped mountains of southern Kashmir, the Kounsar Nag glacial lake has long drawn tourists from around the world. But for weeks, its azure waters have been a source ... #India #New Delhi #Pakistan #Kashmir, India

Aug 05, 2014

Indian teenager cuts man's penis off after he attempts to rape her

An Indian teenager took a knife to a so-called tantric who allegedly tried to rape her for a second time and cut off his penis. The man, who is also the girl’s uncle, is currently being hunted by detectives who praised what they described as the youn... #India #New Delhi