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Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad

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Sep 02, 2014

Controversial plan 'calls for Saudis to move tomb of the Prophet Muhammad': Fears idea could stoke up religious divisions

The remains of the Prophet Muhammad could be moved from their current tomb in Medina, Saudi Arabia, to a nearby cemetery, it has been claime...

Sep 08, 2014

Islamic State attacks on religious minorities ‘genocide,’ Canadian ambassador says

The explosion of ethno-religious hatred, forced expulsions and gruesome murders by Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria has risen to the level of genocide, says Andrew Bennett, Canada’s ambassador for religious freedom. “ISIS is a barbaric terro... #Syria #Iraq #Canada #Toronto #Middle East #Africa #Ottawa #Jordan

Aug 27, 2014

Pinecrest journalist Steven Sotloff's mom begs Islamic State for mercy

It remains unclear if Steven J. Sotloff is still alive. The 31-year-old foreign correspondent's family had remained quiet to protect him since he disappeared in 2013, but on Wednesday his mom's plea for mercy went viral. The world watched in horror a... #Abu Bakr #New York Times Company #New Hampshire #YouTube