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Jun 17, 2014

Memorial for Czechoslovaks who fought against Nazi Germany in RAF unveiled in Prague

A memorial honoring 2,500 Czechoslovakians who fought against Nazi Germany in Britain's air force has been unveiled in Prague... #United Kingdom #Prague

Jul 09, 2014

'Wiping' Android phones DOESN'T work: Photos, texts and emails can still be recovered after reset, study reveals

Prague-based firm Avast has revealed a huge flaw in Android devices. They bought 20 used phones off eBay and recovered 'deleted' data (shown)... #eBay Inc. #Prague

Jun 20, 2014

Official out after proposing to legalize killing babies with birth defects

PRAGUE — A senior university lecturer and Czech government adviser has been forced to resign for proposing to legalize euthanasia for children born with birth defects. In his recent article..... #eBay Inc. #Prague

Jul 01, 2014

Filler: We should let immigrant kids in

Each time I think about the tens of thousands of unaccompanied children streaming across the U.S. southern border, often without adult companions, three thoughts skitter across my mind: What would Sir Nicholas Winton think? What is the purpose of Ame... #London #Central America #Prague #Pete King #Steve Israel

Jun 19, 2014

'The Musketeers' review: New and yet familiar

THE SHOW "The Musketeers" WHEN | WHERE Premieres Sunday night at 9 on BBC America WHAT IT'S ABOUT Every generation gets fresh musketeers, probably since Alexandre Dumas wrote the book of three in 1844. The movies have starred Douglas Fairbanks in 192... #Gene Kelly #Prague #Tom Burke #Matthew Macfadyen #Charlie Sheen #BBC America #Peter Capaldi #Richard Chamberlain #Santiago Cabrera

Jun 12, 2014

Private tours no longer just for wealthy travelers

(AP) -- I had one night only in Medellin, Colombia. It was Christmas and I was determined to see Medellin's famous holiday lights. An online search led me to, which specializes in private Medellin tours. By email, I booked a gui... #Colombia #Prague #Budapest

Jun 10, 2014

Did Americans fake top Nazi's WWII suicide and spirit him away to the US to get their hands on Hitler's secret weapons programme?

S.S. general Hans Kammler officially committed suicide near Prague on May 9 1945, but a new documentary has suggested his death was faked by the U.S. who wanted his secrets of Hitler's weapon programme... #Colombia #Prague #Budapest

Jul 04, 2014

Meet The Winner Of PragueCrunch III: Cloudfender

This man is very happy. He’s Tomas Soukup, one of the contestants in last night’s PragueCrunch pitch-off and a proud drinker of fine Czech beer. He is just one of the cool people we met in Prague last night. The pitch-off, judged by Yao Huang of the ... #Prague #Europe

Jul 04, 2014

A Drone Over PragueCrunch

When I held the first PragueCrunch in 2008 I didn’t expect much. I loved the city but I wasn’t sure what sort of start-up ecosystem it had. But, in those strange days when live streaming was still a clever trick (don’t try finding those streams. Tech... #Europe #Prague

Jul 02, 2014

TechCrunch Disrupt Europe Tour: London, Prague, Berlin & More

You’re a startup, planning to launch in September/October or November? Listen carefully. There are a few things you need to know. You need to know we have extended the deadline to submit applications for the Startup Battlefield at Disrupt Europe unti... #Europe #London #Prague #TechCrunch