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Politics of Iraq

Politics of Iraq

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Aug 12, 2014

Iran appears to endorse lawmaker tapped to be Iraq's next premier

The lawmaker tapped to succeed Nouri Maliki as Iraq’s prime minister appeared to receive the backing Tuesday of neighboring Iran, a crucial Baghdad ally and major supporter of political factions and militias in the deeply divided nation... #Iraq #Iran #Baghdad

Aug 12, 2014

Iraq’s Maliki Tells Army to Keep Out of Politics

(BAGHDAD) — Iraq’s incumbent prime minister ordered the security forces on Tuesday not intervene in the current political crisis over who will be the next prime minister, amid fears that he might go to any lengths to stay in power. Nouri al-Maliki ur... #Iraq #Nouri al-Maliki

Aug 10, 2014

Kurdish Forces Confront ISIS Fighters as U.S. Airstrikes Continue

As Kurdish officials said they were making advances against Sunni militants, Iraq's political crisis deepened, with a deadline expiring for the president to choose a nominee for prime minister... #Iraq #Nouri al-Maliki