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Jun 12, 2014

Junta engineers World Cup TV coup

The military junta that overthrew Thailand's elected government has told football fans that they can watch the World Cup for free. As part of its goal to "return happiness to the Thai people", the junta engineered a World Cup coup that will enable th...

Jun 20, 2014

Government of [CENSORED] censors cyberbullying docs

OTTAWA—The access to information system of the Government of [CENSORED] has become [CENSORED], leading some experts to worry about [CENSORED]. The Star has obtained documents related to the Conservatives’ controversial Internet surveillance bill that... #Canada #Ottawa #Stephen Harper #Department of Public Safety

Jun 15, 2014

Pakistan can't fight Taliban with old methods: TV Paul, author of 'The Warrior State'

The author of 15 books on South Asia and international politics, TV Paul tries to decode Pakistan and its many troubles in his latest book The Warrior State. In a telephonic conversation with Kunal Majumder, Paul explains why Pakistan's Taliban polic... #Pakistan #South Asia #Taliban