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Jul 23, 2014

Eric Garner, who died after NYPD chokehold, laid to rest

Tears, songs and sermons filled a Brooklyn church Wednesday as grief-stricken family and friends, along with politicians and civil rights leaders, said final goodbyes to Eric Garner, who died on a city street after an NYPD cop put him in a banned cho...

Jul 24, 2014

Iraq: Kurdish Politician Massoum Named President

(BAGHDAD) — Kurdish politician Fouad Massoum has been named the new president of Iraq following a parliamentary vote. Massoum, 76, is one of the founders of current President Jalal Talabani’s Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party. He is considered a sof... #Jalal Talabani #Iraq #Patriotic Union of Kurdistan

Jul 24, 2014

Pol slammed for lewd comments during interview

“Well-hung” with “heaps of cash.” That’s what Australian politician Jacqui Lambie is looking for in a man — but the 43-year-old single lady’s lewd comments on a live radio show has landed her in hot water... #Jalal Talabani #Iraq #Patriotic Union of Kurdistan

Jul 22, 2014

Defying The AMA, Some Politicians Lower Standards For Practicing Medicine

As we get older, our doctors seem to get younger. Doctors that used to seem like wise elder sages now look like kids you would hire to mow your lawn. Yet, we continue to place profound trust in even the youngest doctors. We know they studied hard and... #Jalal Talabani #Iraq #Patriotic Union of Kurdistan

Jul 16, 2014

If Argentina Settles Debt Dispute, More Claims Could Come

If Argentina settles with the holdout creditors that won court-ordered awards, economists say the country could be on the hook for about $13 billion in additional claims—far less than the $120 billion some local politicians have suggested... #Jalal Talabani #Iraq #Patriotic Union of Kurdistan

Jul 15, 2014

Middle East crisis heats up City Hall, too

The clash in the Middle East came to City Hall on Monday as New York pols voiced their unbridled support for Israel, while counterprotesters surrounded them to champion the Palestinian cause. More than two dozen politicians — including most of the ci... #Israel #Middle East #New York (state)

Jul 20, 2014

Safe Passage Project tosses unaccompanied immigrant children a legal lifeline

Watching how racist, grossly opportunistic politicians have turned the humanitarian tragedy of the Central American border children into a despicable hate fest is a terribly sad spectacle... #Israel #Middle East #New York (state)

Jul 17, 2014

Ariz. politician apologizes for mistaking YMCA campers for illegal immigrants

Adam Kwasman, a Republican congressional candidate backed by the Tea Party, was attending an anti-immigration rally in the town of Oracle when protesters stopped the bus, which they thought was bringing immigrant children to a nearby shelter... #Israel #Middle East #New York (state)

Jul 19, 2014

Longtime Britist politician Viscount Tonypandy accused of child rape

Sex abuse allegations against a prominent British parliament member who died in 1997 are now being investigated by police... #Israel #Middle East #New York (state)

Jul 21, 2014

French officials decry rioters who target synagogue, Jewish shops

French politicians across the political divide on Monday denounced pro-Palestinian rioters who attacked a synagogue and Jewish-owned shops in a Paris suburb... #Israel #Middle East #New York (state)