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Jul 26, 2014

Watch Jon Hamm And Jimmy Fallon Make Spitting Food Funny

Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon spit food on each other to hilarious effect in the fictional "Palisades Park Pet Patrol.... #Jimmy Fallon #Jon Hamm

Jul 29, 2014

Stars and Their Pets: Lady Gaga's City Girl

Lady Gaga's French bulldog rides shotgun in New York City. Plus: Bill Clinton's little buddy and mor... #Jimmy Fallon #Jon Hamm

Jul 29, 2014

Pets Who Want to Be in Your Summer Wedding

For a day you'll never fur-get. Click here to see more cuties from I Can Has Cheezburger... #Jimmy Fallon #Jon Hamm

Jul 28, 2014

Wonsan, long a popular destination of North Korean vacationers, becomes focus of tourism push

Where do you go in North Korea if you're in the mood for a barbecue by the beach, maybe some pier-side fishing, or a dip in the ocean? For many North Korean vacationers, that place has long been the sleepy port city of Wonsan, which is now the focus ... #Jimmy Fallon #Jon Hamm

Jul 28, 2014

The Appraisal: Fighting a No-Pets Eviction With Doctors’ Notes and a Federal Suit

Three residents of the East River Housing cooperative on the Lower East Side contend that their dogs are therapeutic, and they have the support of a federal housing agency... #Jimmy Fallon #Jon Hamm

Jul 24, 2014

Free game alert: EA's giving away The Sims 2 after ending support for the game

EA continues its recent spate of free Origin games this week by giving away its best-selling elaborate murder-trainer The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection. EA just formally ended support for the game a week ago, a decade after the game's initial 2004 launc... #H&M #Ikea

Jul 24, 2014

Texas tech fund gave money to startups that moved out of state, forfeited right to do business

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has distributed $205 million in taxpayer money to scores of technology startups using a pet program designed to bring high-paying jobs and innovation to the nation's second most-populous state... #Texas #Rick Perry

Jul 28, 2014

Vietnam Cat Owners Must Live With Fear of Pets Getting Stolen and Eaten

"It’s sweeter and tenderer than dog meat... #Texas #Rick Perry

Jul 26, 2014

The Cutest Pets on Twitter This Week!

We put the call out on Twitter for your cutest photos and you delivered! See our first-place furballs and some runners-up from our daily #cutepic photo contes... #Texas #Rick Perry

Jul 25, 2014

Short Interest Declines 19.5% For PETM

The most recent short interest data has been released by the NASDAQ for the 07/15/2014 settlement date, which shows a 3,456,345 share decrease in total short interest for PetSmart, Inc. (NASD: PETM), to 14,289,181, a decrease of 19.48% since 06/30/20... #Texas #Rick Perry