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Nuclear physics

Nuclear physics

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Aug 28, 2014

I have a dream: A world free of nuclear weapons

The UN International Day against Nuclear Tests on August 29 is an opportunity to remind the world about the inhumane consequences of nuclear explosions. It is a day which has a special meaning for the many thousands of people who, like me, grew up in... #United Nations #Soviet Union #Kazakhstan

Aug 22, 2014

Artificial Intelligence May Doom The Human Race Within This Century, Oxford Professor Says

An Oxford philosophy professor who has studied existential threats ranging from nuclear war to superbugs says the biggest danger of all may be superintelligence. Superintelligence is any intellect that outperforms human intellect in every field, and ... #Nick Bostrom #Google Inc. #Facebook

Aug 13, 2014

A deep search for the invisible universe

Dark matter can't be seen and it's never been physically measured. But it's thought to consist of about four-fifths of all matter in the cosmos. The mysterious substance is comprised of neutrinos, tiny and numerous particles that pass through us ever... #Canada #Vale (mining company)