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Aug 18, 2014

Pope Francis calls for Koreas' reconciliation at end of visit

Wrapping up his first trip to Asia, Pope Francis on Monday called for forgiveness and dialogue between South and North Korea, and seemed to take the United States to task for its unilateral bombing campaign in Iraq...

Aug 26, 2014

U.N. Food Aid to North Korea Dries Up

The U.N.'s World Food Programme could stop providing aid to North Korea as it struggles to attract funds from donors wary about Pyongyang's apparent focus on developing its military instead of feeding its people... #Pyongyang #World Food Programme

Aug 15, 2014

North Korea says rocket tests not connected to South Korea Pope visit

North Korea claimed Friday that the launch of three missiles off its east coast Thursday was not connected to Pope Francis’ historic visit to South Korea... #Pyongyang #World Food Programme

Aug 23, 2014

U.S., South Korea Differ On Air Defense Amid N.Korea Missile Tests, U.S. 'Pivot,' Focus On Iraq/ISIS

U.S. and South Korean strategists face disagreement on key aspects of defense of  the South against what a top U.S. defense official called “destabilizing behavior from North Korea.... #Pyongyang #World Food Programme

Aug 14, 2014

Pope Francis calls for peace on Korean Peninsula as North fires projectiles

Pope Francis called Thursday for peace and unity on the war-divided Korean Peninsula and for both sides to avoid "fruitless" criticisms and shows of force, offering a message of reconciliation at the start of a five-day visit to South Korea that rece... #Pyongyang #World Food Programme

Aug 14, 2014

North Korea Sends American Missionary Back to Labor Camp

The State Department has asked that the ailing Kenneth Bae be released on humanitarian ground... #US State Department #Dennis Rodman #Human Rights Watch #North Korea

Aug 14, 2014

Pope Francis visits S. Korea, N. Korea fires missiles

Pope Francis got a sick salute Thursday from the North Koreans as he arrived in South Korea for a papal visit... #South Korea #North Korea

Aug 11, 2014

America's Brain Dead Policy Toward The Korean Peninsula: Time For South Korea -- And Japan -- To Develop Nuclear Weapons?

Today the U.S. defends South Korea and Japan from a nuclear China, Russia, and North Korea. Why shouldn't Seoul and Tokyo have their own nukes... #China #Tokyo #Seoul

Aug 04, 2014

North Korea Is Angry With America, Again! Why Has Washington Kept South Korea As A Welfare Dependent?

U.S. makes North Korea an enemy and South Korea a welfare dependent. U.S. should go home and let the Koreas solve their own problems... #China #Tokyo #Seoul