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Aug 23, 2014

Nose place like home! Orphaned baby aardvark whose mother was shot by a farmer is saved by nature reserve

Little Barkie was less than three months old when he was found near the N/a'an ku sê sanctuary in Namibia, where staff now take the termite-loving creature for daily walks...

Aug 05, 2014

The meer the merrier! Fishermen welcome friendly meerkat into the group after cheeky animal photobombs their snap

The curious meerkat was a constant companion of photographer Dave Lewis during his surf-fishing trips for silver kob and other fish along the wild Namibia coast... #Namibia #Dave Lewis

Jul 29, 2014

Madagascar billed as surfing paradise

(AP) -- Itching to catch a wave? Try Madagascar. The island nation in the Indian Ocean has become the 86th member of the International Surfing Association as part of a drive to promote the sport in Africa, the California-based association said. Madag... #Madagascar #California #Australia #Africa #Namibia #Senegal